When we embarked on the journey to creating our first collection, we believed the process would be as minimal as the designs themselves.  Instead, it took over two years of intense R&D, multiple prototypes and a couple of lucky breaks before we finally launched our first collection of lighting on the market.  In the process, and in the ensuing years, we have learned a great deal in advanced LED lighting systems, mechanics, material forming, finishing and the development process.

We are proud of our hard-earned expertise, which we now apply to the expansion of our product line  and to in-depth custom lighting projects for the trade.

As a local producer with access to domestic and foreign inputs, we are able to provide complex solutions for the high-end market, while also remaining price accessible for large-scale projects.

We provide a complete design and manufacturing offering for the contract lighting industry, which we support with an experienced team of industrial designers, electrical and mechanical engineers and production management professionals. We work closely with architects and designers on initial concepts or detailed specs to produce a complete design and engineering package prior to sample production, approval and production.


Wall-to-wall LED light fixture at the Argonaut HQ boardroom, San Francisco.

DSC_2165 (jpg)

ABOVE: Custom LED floor lamp Marriott, Brooklyn.  BELOW: Supporting engineering documentation submitted prior to production.

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Custom design and manufacture of LED “do no disturb” light fixture.

Recent Projects

  • Marriott, Brooklyn: 2016, guestrooms
  • Kimpton Argyle, 2016 public space
  • Marriott, Atlanta: 2015, guestrooms
  • AKA Hotel Wall Street, 2015, guestrooms
  • AKA Hottel Rittenhouse, 2015,  guestrooms
  • AKA Hotel Sutton Place, 2015,  guestrooms
  • Argonaut head office, San Francisco, 2016, office, custom lighting
  • Stone Hill & Taylor head office, 2015
  • Meyer Davis offices, 2016
  • Moxy Hotels, in progress, guestrooms, public space, 2016

Juniper THIN LED task lamp in the AKA Hotel

Case studies

Marriott Brooklyn-28
  • Design Ofiice – Krause & Sawyer
  • Buying Office – Benjamin West

When imagining the lighting elements of the 667-room Brooklyn Marriott 2016 renovation, design firm Krause & Sawyer looked to Juniper to turn their ambitious concepts into reality.  Originally inspired by our own THIN collection, Juniper worked closely with the K&S design team on the development and manufacturing of the entire lighting package.

It was a hands-on collaboration that extended over months as we worked to realize the project with no compromise to the designs, while still remaining on budget.  With the support of our engineering team we incorporated custom integrated  LED technology to eliminate the need for expensive retrofit bulbs and to retain intricate space-limited designs that would not have otherwise been possible.

We also leveraged our domestic and foreign supply chain for custom tooling and forming, such as blow molding, die casting, rotomolding, injection molding, spinning and precision machining – all of which translated into a truly unique collection.  These strictly controlled components were then amassed in our Brooklyn factory, where they were further transformed, finished and assembled prior to the successful delivery to the hotel located only 2 miles away.

Marriott Brooklyn
Marriott Brooklyn-37
Marriott Brooklyn-13
Marriott Brooklyn-32
Marriott Brooklyn-12

Custom wall-to-wall boardroom fixture, with high powered precision-machined light modules.

Features: 20 LED light modules, 80,000 lumens.

Materials: Brass, steel, aluminum, acrylic.

Designer – Huntsman


THIN LED task lamps with desk inset option deployed at work stations around the office in black oxide and raw brass finishes.

HTL-502-LT Spec Sheet
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Summary of engineering and design work of custom vanity sconce made to spec.

Making vision a reality: our first prototype of the LED vanity in formed steel and acrylic.

Juniper Design