Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, custom lighting can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! When in doubt, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the latest lighting how-to’s, tips, tricks, and product information. Still have questions? Contact us at

FAQ: What are the Requirements to Apply to the Trade Program?

THIN Primaries Square in FreeIt Data Solutions (Photography by Cydney Holm) Juniper offers a Trade Program for interior designers, architects, lighting contractors, and all other applicable trade professionals. Joining is a quick process when you meet our minimum requirements.   Requirements 1. Completed Trade Program Application, which is available online. 2. Proof of valid designer credential. We accept Tax ID, Resale Certificate, or Designer Credentials such as [...]

FAQ: Do Trade Discounts Apply to Replacement Parts or Components?

Photography by Mikiko Kikuyama With our Trade Progam, Juniper supports all interior designers, architects, contractors, and other trade professionals who are looking for lighting solutions for their projects. All approved members are granted trade discounted prices, however, we limit eligible orders within our Trade Program.   Eligible Orders Our Trade Program includes discounts for all our signature designs that are found on [...]

3 Desk Lighting Inspirations From Juniper’s Instagram To Reduce Tabletop Footprint

Desk lighting is often associated with table lamps for their traditional function. However, most lamps embody bulky designs, leaving you with less space for productive tasks. We looked back on our Instagram feed and found creative ways to blend tasteful design with function as an alternative to conventional lamps.   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Juniper (@juniperdesignny) [...]

FAQ: What Is Juniper’s Return Policy?

It is an honor for our fixtures to be out into the world, however, our team at Juniper understands that there are some unforeseen circumstances that may require you to return it. Kindly read our rules regarding our return policy to be guided accordingly.   Consent and Shipping Instructions All orders of defective and non-defective merchandise can only be returned [...]

FAQ: What’s the Difference Between the THIN & Rail Lighting Systems?

We pride ourselves in modular lighting solutions that first started with the THIN Lighting System for indoor spaces. With its well-received success, we invented the Rail Lighting System, Juniper's first outdoor lighting solution. These two systems may have a few similarities, but each fixture within the collection has their own distinct characteristics. Explore the differences between the THIN and the Rail Lighting [...]

FAQ: Why is my Ground Control Double USB Port Not Charging Apple Devices?

Staying connected in today's digital world is made easy using USB charging stations such as the Ground Control Double USB Port. If you are having trouble with your power accessory, please explore your options below to see how we can help you with your Ground Control Double USB Port.   Option 1: Product Recall We were informed that iPhones, iPads, and [...]

FAQ: Are my Juniper Fixtures & Products Under Warranty?

In the rare occasion that your product does not operate as instructed, Juniper will be happy to provide warranty as long as it meets our regulations. Find out if your order is eligible for any free repair or replacement.   Eligible Orders All of our signature and custom-made products are under warranty for a maximum period of one (1) year [...]

5 Modern Decor Tips To Maximize Small Spaces

Downsizing your space can force you to squeeze your belongings in utilitarian organizing ideas and ruin your plans of decorating the space you’ve always dreamt of. To identify solutions, we've provided strategic modern decor tips for small spaces. 1. Get a Floor-length Mirror Spaces with high ceilings and huge windows aren’t the only ones that can look elevated. You can [...]

FAQ: Is A Dimmer Necessary For My LED?

Ground Control Dimmers: Dial (left) & Knob (right) With developing LED technology, most fixtures are now compatible with dimmers. It brings a range of benefits that a light switch alone cannot provide. Although dimmers are not necessary for fixtures to operate, it is still an important add-on to LED lamping.   1. Saves Energy Without dimmers, users are left with [...]

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Modern Bathrooms

While modern bathrooms are designed to embody contemporary elements that create an impression, this space still has to remain functional. Tasks like applying makeup, brushing your teeth, and bathing will be convenient if your bathroom embraces proper lighting. Here's what you need to know... THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights in Satin Nickel (Photo by Vic Wahby) Two Connected THIN Surface Mount [...]