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We get it, custom lighting can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! When in doubt, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the latest lighting how-to’s, tips, tricks, and product information. Still have questions? Contact us at

5 Design Ideas for Black and White Modern Kitchens

Explore a muted tone for your kitchen to keep it clean, simple, and minimal. Black and white are becoming more popular in modern spaces for their aesthetically pleasing appearances when accentuated properly. Bold and sophisticated, these contemporary design ideas are helpful when revamping a black and white kitchen.   1. Match or Contrast your Countertop with your Backsplash Decide on a [...]

FAQ: When Should I Use A Cable Collar for my Suspended Light Fixture?

Before we introduced our Cable Collars for THIN Linear Suspensions and THIN Primaries Suspensions, suspended fixtures from our THIN Modular Lighting System connected straight from the ceiling to the fixtures' joints. We recommend adding a Cable Collar to gather aircraft cables for a center-mounted option. This minimal accessory adds a cohesive brass aesthetic to your modern lighting installation. Suspended THIN Primaries Rhombus with [...]

5 Designers To Look Out For In 2019

Explore our list of top designers this 2019, whose projects have been featured throughout the design industry for their sophisticated taste. Having their own distinct flair, see which ones translate your personal style.   1. Luca Nichetto Beginning his career in an umbrella of design realms such as industrial design, product design, and design consultancy, Luca Nichetto demonstrated skills that gave him [...]

FAQ: What is Color-Rendering Index (CRI) and Why is it Important?

THIN Surface Mount Picture Light in Satin Brass When browsing light fixtures for residential, hospitality, or commercial spaces, considering excellent light quality is a must. You can determine this by choosing a fixture with a high Color-Rendering Index. We recommend between 90 to 100 for best results.   Color-Rendering Index Definition Color-Rendering Index, commonly called CRI, measures the accuracy of a color's [...]

5 Reasons to Choose Brass Hardware

Commonly mistaken for gold for their similar appearance, brass is actually an alloy with properties that make it ideal for architectural elements found in mid-century modern spaces. At Juniper, we assemble select fixtures using solid brass tubing for reasons that go beyond its elegant physical attributes.   1. Brass Does Not Tarnish Brass, being an alloy of copper and zinc, does not rust, [...]

FAQ: How Do I Choose the Right Power Supply for my Light Fixture?

Behind any low voltage light fixture is a power supply that provides energy for proper illumination. A power supply safely converts power to be compatible with low wattage fixtures without overloading the configuration. Follow our 5 steps to help you choose the right power supply for your fixture.   1. Determine Your Power Supply's Location The location will depend upon your space's electrical setup. [...]

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Light Fixtures

Lighting comes in diverse forms and sizes that it almost feels impossible to end up with the right fixture that suits your space. We understand this difficulty, therefore, we rounded up five common mistakes to avoid so you can narrow down your options.   1. Prioritizing Design Over Purpose While design is a big factor, one of the most common mistakes is disregarding function [...]

Top 5 Modern Design Trends This 2019

Some trends are a thing of the past and what was modern in 2018 may be outdated this 2019. Juniper, a New York lighting manufacturer and design studio, keeps in track of new designs and vintage aesthetics to coordinate with our products. From figures, to materials, and colors, these are the top modern design trends you should watch out for this year. [...]

FAQ: Do You Have An Outdoor Fixture?

Juniper assembles linear, high-output, and elegant fixtures that adorn interior spaces. But what about outdoor spaces? Discover the Rail to know more about Juniper’s first outdoor lighting system. THE RAIL The Rail is an outdoor fixture that mirrors the THIN Modular Lighting System‘s functional features. It exhibits a linear profile, distinguished by its aluminum body. This characteristic conceals the Rail from any damage brought by [...]

3 Contemporary Staircase Lighting Tips From Designers

Standing as a spine in any modern space, staircases should be given high importance when laying out lighting plans. The lack of light is just as dangerous as overdoing it, so we spoke to designers for staircase lighting tips to help transpose your stairway into more than just an architectural element that connects floors. 1. Safety First Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enforces [...]