Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, custom lighting can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! When in doubt, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the latest lighting how-to’s, tips, tricks, and product information. Still have questions? Contact us at

3 Types of Lighting

Lighting, as simple as it sounds, is a game-changer in building or remodeling a space. It can contribute to your productivity when doing certain tasks or accentuate a dull corner. With its diverse purpose, we listed common types of lighting to determine what kind of fixture you should install to execute your lighting plans.   1. AMBIENT LIGHTING This is one [...]

Direct Lighting VS Indirect Lighting

Determining a fixture’s purpose always has to come first before selecting your design of choice. If you own beautifully crafted lighting but use its illumination incorrectly, it will look noticeably out of place. To avoid this mistake, we defined the difference between using direct lighting and indirect lighting.   DIRECT LIGHTING Direct lighting casts an illumination from the fixture onto a desired subject [...]

3 Tips When Choosing Linear Picture Lights

A straightforward way to illuminate a masterpiece is installing a picture light. Design is a major influence, but we named other important elements that are often overlooked when choosing linear picture lights.   1. CHOOSE THE CORRECT LENS Your choice of lens finish greatly affects how your picture light illuminates your artwork. We recommend a frosted lens finish to disperse a [...]

How Proper Lighting Affects Productivity In An Office

Like all offices, Juniper aims to provide a conducive environment for all employees with the use of proper lighting. We enumerated why it is smart to invest in light fixtures you and your coworkers can benefit from.   1. IMPROVES FOCUS Bright lighting stimulates individuals to be attentive because it creates an atmosphere they are comfortable to work in. It also minimizes downtime, which [...]

5 Basic Lighting Terms You Need to Know

With lighting technology constantly changing, vocabulary can easily become daunting. We went back to the basics to help sort out some commonly confusing lighting terms so you can feel confident about our lighting specifications. THIN Task Lamp With Desk Inset in The Assemblage John Street 1. WATTAGE Wattage (W) measures the use of power. The lower the wattage, the more [...]

FAQ: Are Juniper Fixtures UL-Listed?

Did you know that your safety can be measured by a tiny sticker? When browsing for lighting fixtures and other electrical devices, ensuring that it is marked with a UL stamp will mean that it is a safe option, compared to a product that is non-UL listed. But what exactly is UL? Axis X Vertical Suspension in Black Walnut, Axis Wall Sconces in Satin [...]

5 Ways to Elevate A Modern Restaurant

Guests don't just pay for food. They pay for the atmosphere, especially if your restaurant is instagram-worthy. We've listed five simple, but effective, ways to elevate a modern restaurant.   1. MID-CENTURY FURNITURE Create an inviting atmosphere by choosing minimal, but elegant, chairs and tables. Rich materials such as leather and velvet will make booths look more luxurious and less bulky. [...]

FAQ: What is the difference Between Voltage, Wattage, And Amps In Lighting Fixtures?

Being aware of specs is important when browsing for fixtures. These details often go unnoticed but they actually define the honesty in product claims. We understand that it can be confusing so we asked our experts to explain the difference between voltage, wattage, and amps. Ground Control Collection Voltage Voltage is the amount of pressure that allows your light fixture [...]

FAQ: What Is The Right Voltage For My Location?

Whether you are looking to move or you're looking for new lighting in your space, our global voltage map becomes handy in more cases than one. Refer to our map below to see your location's voltage.   GLOBAL VOLTAGE MAP Unfamiliar receptacles (electrical socket) can be found all over the world. This is usually because products made in specific countries are assembled to [...]

3 Ways To Choose Modern Lighting Over a Countertop

Remodeling your kitchen goes beyond dressing up countertops and overhauling tiles. It is not only a room to cook hearty meals but also a space to create meaningful conversations. Because it is such a flexible place, there are practical ways in choosing a countertop modern light. THIN Surface Mount Display Light in Black Oxide 1. GO FOR FIXTURES WITH BRIGHT LIGHT A fixture's orientation greatly [...]