Artist Pascale Girardin and Brooklyn design studio, Juniper, present Love Me Not, a light-filled pendant that draws from childhood memories of picking petals off a daisy. In French this is called ‘effeuiller la marguerite’, where this design gets its second name ‘À La Folie’ – to be madly in love.

That’s how we felt when we first saw Pascal’s original models in ceramic, and we knew we needed to turn this into magical light. The organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic, so no two fixtures are identical. Suspended individually or in a cluster, Love Me Not (À La Folie) delivers a whimsical display of art and light.

Love Me Not-3

The porcelain-finish acrylic by famed German manufacturer Evonik offers a unique material that exemplifies the lasting quality of ceramic, while offering the optical performance required for a functional light pendant.


Measuring 36″ in width the Love Me Not | A La Folie can be suspended at varying angles to give the impression of weightlessness when clustered in a group.  Each pendant produces up to approximately 3000 lumens (delivered).



Designed By

Pascale Girardin

Pascale Girardin is a Montreal artist whose work is rooted in visual art, design and craft, ranging from functional ware to public art and large-scale installations. She has gained international recognition in the last two decades creating unique artworks for high end interior design projects including Clement Restaurant in New York, Fours Seasons Private Residences in Pudong, Printemps department store in Paris, Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai and many others.

A Concordia University graduate (Grad. Cert. in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice, 2005 and BFA in Studio Art, 1991), she is currently pursuing a MFA (Maître ès arts, M.A.) at Université du Québec à Montréal. Originally trained as a painter, she has contributed to the dynamism of contemporary ceramics by investing spaces with her architectural installations. Whether suspended in mid-air, grazing a wall or floating in water, her works evoke nature’s omnipresence and organic structure, subtly underlying our fundamental relationship with the world we live in.


Building the thermoforming molds

Heat-forming the material


Hand-forming the petals giving each piece a natural and one-of-a-kind form


Crafting the copper heatsinks


Carefully assembling the Love Me Not

Spec Sheet Love Me Not
Lumens (per segment) 3000 (diffused)
Light Temperature warm white (3000 kelvin)
Light Quality 90 CRI
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (20-25 years)
Materials Evonik Satinice Acrylic, aluminum, copper
Standard Color Options (heatsink) Copper, Black Oxide

Juniper Design