November 20, 2015

M Lamp

A historical icon revised for modern day living

Over time, even the greatest tools and technologies give way to a new generation of invention, but they continue to live on as icons of our collective memory and through their influence on human progress.

The M Lamp pays homage to one of these important historical icons by deriving influence from the miners’ lamps of 19th century England — referencing the Geordie, Davy and Carbide lamps.  Brought to life in a collaboration between British designer David Irwin and Brooklyn-based manufacturer Juniper, the cordless M lamp with its integrated rechargeable battery, utilitarian lines and movable lamp head borrows elements from the old mining lamps and reinvents them into a tool for modern day life.


  • A’ Design Award – Gold – 2014
  • Core 77 Design Awards – Best Product – 2013
  • Homes and Gardens Designer Awards – Best Young designer, David Irwin for the M Lamp – 2013
  • Northern Design Awards 2012

Up close and personal

360 deg. rotating head, aluminum & stainless steel construction
Carry, place or hang just about anywhere
Eco-safe rechargeable battery, 8-60 hours
M Lamp (Crop)
Dimmable warm light output for guiding, reading or emergencies


Environmental sustainability is well considered throughout the M Lamp’s design. Its LED consumes an average 1.2W of power and lasts 50K hours. Its integrated battery does not contain cobalt making it greener and safer, and it can recharge 2,000 times without any degradation, vastly extending the product’s life. The M Lamp’s compact aluminum frame minimizes the consumption of raw material, and it can be disassembled for easy recycling.


Introducing M2 – The new generation M Lamp

In 2016, Juniper introduced M2, a new generation of the award-winning M Lamp designed by David Irwin. The new version introduced enhancements including a 360 degree rotating head, upgraded controls and greater stability.


Special Edition 2016 M Lamp

In 2016 we introduced a limited-quantity edition of the M lamp in polished copper and chrome as a tribute to the collection’s third year of success. These luxurious, yet functional lamps are crafted and hand polished to a mirror finish designed to retain its value as a true object of desire.

M Lamp 7-12-2016-199
M Lamp 7-12-2016-248

Designed By


David Irwin

Born in N.Ireland in 1986, David Irwin graduated from the Northumbria School of Design and subsequently went on to establish his own Industrial design studio in 2011. David Irwin’s works are rooted in material exploration and driven by a desire to assign purpose to both traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes.

The Juniper and David Irwin collaboration established in 2011 has since brought to life an award-winning collection of functional lighting and furniture such as the Cross Side Chair and the Rivet each of which combine a strong concept with fundamental usefulness.  Juniper and David continue to work closely together on existing projects and are also expanding this collaboration into new and interesting directions.

A close-up portrait of a coal miner.
Spec Sheet M Lamp
Lumens 0-200 (diffused)
Light Temperature warm white (2700 kelvin)
Light Quality 90 CRI
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (20-25 years)
Battery Life 2000 charge cycles
Charge Life 5-60 hours per charge
Materials powder coated high-grade aluminum
Standard Color Options glossy white, vibrant orange, matte black



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