May 19, 2017

Like a large city, design can be viewed as the outcome of an intricate collaborative system based upon influences, ideas, solutions, and opportunities. Juniper Design Studio’s Metropolis Collection is representative of that very philosophy.

Born out of a happenstance collaboration between Juniper Design Studio and designer David Meckley, Metropolis has grown from custom lighting solution into a full residential and architectural lighting collection. Metropolis, in its simplest form, is a medley of suspended, precision-machined LED light modules. Given a closer look, the lighting system’s intricately woven details become apparent, with the Bauhaus movement’s strong forms and subtle nautical queues donning Metropolis’ silhouette. Especially complementary to larger spaces, the system is engineered with 2×36” modules that link together, creating a comprehensive wall-to- wall system.

Producing an impressive 6000 dimmable lumens delivered from two independent up-down light sources, the wall-to- wall system is designed especially for conference rooms, but can be customized to fit spaces of any size. Specification for this system is simple, with room length and desired drop all that is required to include the custom fixture in the design scheme. Design preferences and flexibility are also accommodated with 2’, 3, 4’ lengths available in three standard finishes, which include brass/black, satin aluminum/black, and full polished aluminum. The frosted glass diffuser can also be outfitted with perforated hex mesh for enhanced ambiance.

ICFF 2017-30-wide
ICFF 2017-32-square

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