THIN Suspension

The THIN Suspension is an LED pendant lighting system with an ultra-fine profile for the home or office. The 1/2” precision-machined tubes are an exercise in reduction; leaving only the form and material requisite to its intended function.

The THIN Suspension is also fully modular. The hand-finished brass fixtures can be magnetically interconnected to build arrays of almost any length. Once installed, each light segment can be rotated independently for optimal light positioning and performance. The fixtures are fully dimmable, from a warm glow up to 800 lumens delivered from a 36″ segment – equivalent to a 60W lighbulb.

Suspension is available in brass, satin nickel and black oxide, and it can be mounted directly to a junction box or wired remotely leaving virtually no ceiling footprint.

Office Lighting


The THIN System includes Suspension, Surface Mount and Task lighting for an integrated, functional, minimal look that fits today’s office environments. Hand-finished solid brass feels precise and warm.

Suspended Task Lighting

THIN suspension above marble table

The rotatable Light Segments allow the fixture to aim light on a countertop or work surface, and the 40 degree beam angle and high CRI mean the light is focused and high quality.

Display Lighting


The combination of a 1/2” diameter profile and fully rotatable Light Segments make this an elegant, low visual impact option for illuminating precious artworks and objects. A 40 degree beam angle keeps light where it is needed.



Available in multiple luxury finishes, the all-brass THIN System feels appropriate next to high-end furniture pieces in a residential setting.

Custom Arrays


Magnetic Connectors

THIN connector cross section

Slim and elegant, the THIN System Suspension is held by a clever magnetic connector system. This allows for easy installation, long runs, and freely rotatable Light Segments.

Direct & Indirect


Rotating Segments allow for direct or indirect light from the same fixture.

Minimal Profile

THIN segment with pencil

1/2” [12.7mm] diameter Light Segments allow the fixture to hang lower in the room without obstructing sightlines. This means light where it is needed, creating more intimate, thoughtful spaces.

Quality Light

3000K and 90CRI standard
870 lumens per 36” | 560 lumens per 24” segment


Constant-voltage system means multiple Light Segments can be powered from one driver, simplifying system design. Multiple driver options are available to meet most dimming requirements.

Luxury Finishes & Materials

Raw Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide finishes complement high-end interior construction. Brass and acrylic are sturdy and long-wearing.

Simple Installation

Whole-inch spacing, rotatable Light Segments, snap-in magnetic connectors, and 24VDC low-voltage wiring make install easy.

Modules / Spec Sheets THIN System Guide
Lumens (per segment) 0-500 (24″) 0-800 (36″) (diffused)
Light Temperature warm white (3000 kelvin)
Light Quality 90 CRI
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (20-25 years)
Body Material solid brass
Standard Color Options Brass, Satin Nickel, Oxidized Brass

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