December 29, 2015


max{performance}; min{space}

Designer Peter Bristol and Juniper have partnered to develop THIN, an innovative task light designed for the way we live today. The boundaries between the office and the home are quickly disappearing, and with it so are the boundaries between performance and design.

So we devised the THIN: a powerful, precision-machined LED task lamp made from hand-finished old-world materials.

It’s thin profile is contemporary, while brass details and tubing combined with a cast iron base create a timeless and friendly feel. The lamp’s slender arms stretch across a work surface without taking it over, and the mounted ball joint and spring-less hinge enable 360 degree movement, while also allowing the lamp to reduce into a minimal vertical profile.


The THIN lamp’s full rotational range makes it possible to fold and reduce the lamp into a nearly invisible profile. Model T table lamp (27″ tall) in Raw Brass shown.


Available in two table-top sizes – both ultra-slim and slender. Partially extended Model T (27″ tall) in black oxide and Model S (22″ tall) in Satin Nickel shown.  Electrical cords not shown.

The THIN Family

Based on the THIN’s early success, we have expanded the THIN collection with the launch of the THIN floor lamp and wall mounted versions.

The Wall Mount may be the most natural incarnation of the THIN Lamp.  With its long reach and rotating dimmer at the tip of the lamp, the THIN makes for an obviously functional and elegant bedside lamp.

At 58″ in height the Floor Lamp can be be rotated and pivoted to provide reading, accent or ambient light in various different settings.

We found that white and brass make for a beautiful combination.  With that we introduced a gloss white finish with brass hardware as part of our 2016 collection.  We also launched the desk inset that can be fitted in virtually any desktop and carries the minimal profile all the way through the base of the base of the lamp.

The devil in the details


Smooth multi-directional ball joint offers 360 degree movement and allows the lamp to extend over a large work surface.


A solid, unmovable, cast iron base keeps THIN planted, calling back to the classic light bulb socket.


Elegant dimmer knob at the tip of the lamp provides continuous control of light up to 500 lumens.


Proprietary spring-less hinge makes for continuous-force motion along a 270 degree angle. THIN can be closed and tucked away or extended to cast accent lighting on a wall or ceiling.

On Site & In Action

Angled THINs

Available in raw brass, black oxide, satin nickel, glossy orange and glossy white.  All lamps are made from solid brass.


The THIN Lamp at the AKA hotel.  Sporting the classic and the modern at the same time.


Black oxide and brass THIN lamps with minimal desk-inset option at Argonaut agency


Designed by

Peter Bristol

Peter Bristol

Peter Bristol develops ideas that “should exist” and works to bring them to life in the right way. Peter’s work blends form with function in uniquely appropriate ways, making products that are progressive and recognizable. Peter is currently head of industrial design at Oculus. He was previously creative director of renowned Seattle-based product development consultancy Carbon Design Group and holds a degree in Industrial Design from Western Washington University. Read in on The Raw Book.

I try to design through logic versus form and color. The minimalism arises because you fight to keep an idea visible - P.B.

“I try to design through logic versus form and color. The minimalism arises because you fight to keep an idea visible” – P.B.

Models / Spec Sheets THIN T
THIN T – Desk
THIN T – Wall
THIN S – Desk
THIN S – Wall
THIN Floor
Lumens 0-400 (S) 0-500 (T) 0-500 (Floor) (diffused)
Light Temperature warm white (3000 kelvin)
Light Quality 90 CRI
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (20-25 years)
Body Material solid brass, cast iron
Standard Color Options Brass, Satin Nickel, Oxidized Brass, White, Red-Orange

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