The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall


The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall orientation is a high-output LED system that spans the full length of a custom space. The unique system is engineered to echo cylindrical motifs throughout its silhouette and convey elements of integrated shapes, materials, and textures.

10-12 Week Typical Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.

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Product Description

The Metropolis Collection is inspired by Bauhaus design, nautical objects, and the rock ‘n’ roll era. The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall is customized to span the full length of a space and is designed to bring upscale finishes and high-level modularity to the workspace.


The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall LED system features independently dimmable hemispheres for customizing direct and indirect light. The Metropolis proves to be a completely functional fixture, with an added bonus of style and quality.


The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall is simple and minimal, but aids with functionality in any setting. Bright enough to fill larger spaces with 24″ or 36″ light modules, the Metropolis is perfect over dining tables, conference tables, desks, or as an installation in a lobby or hallway.


Lead Time 10-12 Weeks
Designer David Meckley
Dimensions 26 IN or 36 IN Light Modules, 3.5 IN Diameter
Custom lengths (X)
Custom drop-height from ceiling (Y)
Ability to create corners & shapes (Z)
Lumens (per module) 4000LM or 6100LM Delivered
Light Temperature 2400K, 2700K, 3000K Standard
Light Quality 90 CRI
Wattage (per module) 41W or 61W
Body Material Aluminum, Frosted PMMA
Finish Options Satin Brass, Satin Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Black
Certifications cUL, CE
Spec Sheets Metropolis Wall-to-Wall Mounting
Metropolis Suspension Mounting
Metropolis Ceiling Mounting
Juniper Metropolis Wall to Wall Length Dimension Details / Drawing