FAQ: Does Juniper Repair Damaged Products?

Each and every product that is sent out of our Brooklyn, NY studio is tested by our assembly team and quality controlled to maintain our high standards. When it comes to damages or malfunctioning fixtures, we are more than happy to repair damaged products. From shipping damages to wear-and-tear over time, we can help! In our Terms & Conditions, our return and repair policy is explained in the Shipment & Returns section.


Shipping Damages

Our shipping damage policy is pretty standard. Any claims against Juniper for defects, errors or shortages must be made by the purchaser, in writing, within 10 days after any delivery. Failure by the purchaser to make any claim against Juniper within 10 days will constitute acceptance of goods and waiver any defects, errors or shortages. We recommend contacting us as soon as you discover shipping damages so we can resolve the issue quickly.


Damages Over Time

Sometimes we are able to help troubleshoot the issue over the phone or email, so sending us pictures via email (info@juniper-design.com) is always helpful as a first step.

If we are unable to solve the issue over the phone or email, the client must submit an RMA form prior to shipping us the fixture for a repair. Once we receive the fixture in question, we can determine whether the product is defective or the damage was caused by the client. In cases when Juniper is responsible for the damaged item, we will repair or replace your fixture free of charge. If it is determined that the damage was caused by the client, the client will be charged a small repair fee.

In either case, we will be happy to repair any of our products, whatever their level of damages are. Please contact us to begin the process of repairing or exchanging your fixture.

Thin Task Lamp in Satin Brass
Portable M Lamp Matte Black

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