FAQ: What Is the Lifespan of Your LED’s and How Do I Replace Them?

Minimal Linear LED lighting with Standoff

Light segments are the building blocks of our THIN Collection. With solid brass casing and PMMA lenses, light segments provide ample light output in a variety of customizable options. Internally, we provide a built-in LED strip inside each light segment. Each segment has a lifespan of 15+ years or 50,000 hours. To extend the life of your lighting, we recommend installing fixtures on dimmers and powering fixtures off when not in use.

If LED’s go out or any part of your fixture needs repair, please review our repair policies in our Terms & Conditions and contact us, or purchase a replacement light segment. We do NOT recommend you or your electrician taking apart fixtures or attempting to replace any component of a fixture without the guidance of a Juniper team member.

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