FAQ: What Is the Difference Between Lens Finishes?

Juniper’s lens finishes allow for custom light output for different configurations and uses. Although you can’t go wrong with either Frosted or Clear options, we have recommended some common uses and guidelines for choosing the right lens finish for your light fixtures.

Frosted & Clear Segments Illuminated

Illuminated Frosted (Top) & Clear (Bottom) Lenses.

THIN Light Segments, Clear & Frosted Lenses

Frosted (Top) & Clear (Bottom) Lenses Off.

Frosted lenses are semi-opaque white with a matte finish and give off an 90° beam angle. Clear lenses feature a glossy finish with a crystal clear lens and provide a 45° beam angle. When lighting your entire room, use frosted lenses to disperse light in a soft and wide beam. When lighting smaller objects or functional areas of the space, use clear lenses to focus more light to a smaller, more personal surface.

THIN Polar Candela Plot

Clear Lens, 45° Beam

THIN Polar Candela Plot

Frosted Lens, 90° Beam

Choosing Lens Finishes By Space


For general bedroom lighting, keep a soft glow for a soothing light using frosted lenses in your THIN system fixtures. However, if you are using the THIN Task Lamp as a bedside table lamp or wall-mounted reading lamp, the clear lenses that come standard will provide the perfect lighting for reading before bed.

Bathroom Vanity

Frosted lenses spread light evenly at a wider angle than clear lenses. The THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light with rotational light segments enable the user to do their morning routine and turn the segments away from the face once finished.

Living Room

For fixtures like the THIN Chandelier or THIN Primaries to serve as an illuminated centerpiece for the room, we recommend frosted lenses. For THIN Surface Mount Picture Lights, reading lights, or table lamps that need more focused light beams, clear lenses should be used.

Dining Room

Use THIN Surface Mount Display Light fixtures under shelving to showcase decor with clear lenses for a strong, focused light beam. THIN Suspensions or THIN Multiples installed above dining tables should have frosted lenses to disperse light to the entire table surface.


Clear lenses are perfect for THIN Suspensions or THIN Multiples installed above countertops to give a bright, focused beam for prepping meals. We also recommend using clear lenses for THIN Surface Mount Under-Cabinet Lighting.

Office or Workspace

Clear lenses keep light focused on a smaller area, great for functional offices and workspaces. Use the THIN Task Lamp‘s standard clear lens or the THIN Shared Task Lamp for sleek desk-inset lighting.

Juniper’s suggestions should be used as general guidelines. Of course, each space is unique with its own custom needs. Both lens options are perfectly acceptable for all lighting installations. Still need help determining the right lamping settings for your space? Contact our helpful sales team with any product, design, or price questions.

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