FAQ: How Can I Create Custom Light Fixture Lengths For THIN Collection Products?

Custom lighting is what we do best at Juniper. We provide the ability to customize your fixture, from beautiful brass finishes to LED color temperatures and lens options. Customizing the length of your fixture is one of the most important features to make sure your lighting fits your unique space. With our modular THIN Collection, you can interlock magnetic light segments to create unique fixtures.

How exactly do these segments work? Each light array has two magnetic ends. End caps, pass-throughs, standoffs, and other mounting or suspending hardware match the segment magnets, so light arrays snap into place with ease. Once the magnetic components make a tight connection and contact each other, the light powers on. To power an entire fixture, all magnetic ends and receiving hardware must be tightly connected.

Inside the Magnetic Connectors of the THIN Suspension

LED Light Segments Connected in the THIN Suspension

THIN Surface Mount Interconnecting Segments

LED Light Segments Connected in the THIN Surface Mount

Custom Light Fixture Lengths – Longer Options

Creating a longer light fixture is easy through our online store or over the phone with one of our sales team members. Magnetic light segments for the THIN Collection are available in 24-inch and 36-inch lengths. You can mix and match lengths to create a longer fixture. For example, clients can connect two 24 inch segments to make a fixture totaling 48 inches, two 36 inch segments to create a fixture totaling 72 inches, or mix and match 36-inch, 24 inch, and 36-inch segments for a fixture that totals 96 inches. Connect 2, 3, or more segments together for a fixture that spans the length of your entire space if you need it to. If you want to connect more than 3 segments together, please contact our sales team to make sure your power supply is compatible.

Two Magnetically Connected Juniper Linear Lighting THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide

x2 LED Light Segments Connected in the THIN Suspension

Three Magnetically Connected Linear THIN Surface Mount Display Light in Black Oxide

x3 LED Light Segments Connected in the THIN Surface Mount

Custom Light Fixture Lengths – Shorter Options

We also offer the ability to cut down light segments to a custom length. Clients can pay a small fee to shorten segments to an even number of inches (12 inches is the shortest segment length possible). For this option, please contact our sales team to start creating your custom fixture!

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