San Francisco Business Times Names Argonaut in Top 10 Coolest Bay Area Offices

San Francisco Business Times has released a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Coolest Offices in the Bay Area, 2018. Finalists like Weebly and Credit Karma made the cut along with our friends in the Argonaut office, where we worked closely with David Meckley to create custom lighting specified for this workspace. San Fransisco Business Times described all of the finalists with:

“interesting architectural details, exceptional locations or buildings (some with really great views), stimulating environments for collaboration, and perks and amenities that make work a more enjoyable place for employees.”

We couldn’t agree more. Each office redefines how we think about the standard cubicle, now branching out into new outlets for employees to show productivity and leisure space, all while envoking high-end design.

Argonaut Boardroom Metropolis Wall to Wall System Lighting Installation
Argonaut Office Y Shape Desk
Argonaut Metropolis Wall to Wall Custom Light Fixture by Juniper

Designed by Hunstman, this custom wall-to-wall boardroom fixture, with high powered precision-machined light modules features 20 LED light modules totaling 80,000 lumens. We created the unique fixture in genuine brass, steel, aluminum, and acrylic. After working to design this custom fixture with David Meckley, we liked it so much we decided to add it to our product line. Thus, the Metropolis system was born, in a suspended, single-array version. THIN Task Lamps with desk inset option are installed at work stations around the office in black oxide and raw brass finishes to compliment the custom installation in the board room.

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