FAQ: Can I Use the Ground Control Toggle Switch with THIN System Products?

Inspired by the dials and switches of mid-century mission control rooms, the Ground Control Collection unites vintage aesthetics with modern functionality through a series of brass surface-mounted power accessories.

The Ground Control Toggle Switch is the patriarch of the product collection, offering a surface-mounted on-off power switch for compatible Juniper lighting products. As a general rule, the low-voltage toggle switch can only pair with horizontally-mounted lighting products, such as the THIN Shared Task Lamp, and the THIN Task Lamp (S and T models) with the desk-inset base option.

The switch is meant to mount on a horizontal surface and must be openly accessible for tightening/ loosening of the grommet which holds the unit in place. The opening also allows the task lamp wires to connect to the bottom of the toggle switch so it may be powered on and off. Having access to the back of the unit, plus a three-inch clearance beyond the back of the unit, is required for proper installation, so it is not recommended to install this product on a wall.

THIN Shared Task Lamp, Ground Control Double USB Port and Toggle Switch in Brass Finish Detail, ICFF 2017

Products such as the THIN Surface Mount, THIN Suspension, THIN Multiples, THIN Primaries, and THIN Chandelier are not compatible with the Ground Control Toggle Switch due to the installation requirements of the toggle switch. For custom options or solutions, contact our sales team.

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