FAQ: How High Do I Mount the THIN Surface Mount Above Wall Art or a Mirror?

When installing your THIN Surface Mount Picture Light or THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light, it’s important to install it at the correct distance from your mounted display. Mount the lights too close and it could look cramped, mount it too far and your light may not hit the right spot on your wall art or vanity space.

THIN Surface Mount Collection, Wall-Mounted Picture Lighting in Brass Finish
Minimal Linear Bathroom Vanity Lighting by Juniper

Generally speaking, Juniper recommends taking the height of your standoff, and using that as your distance above a picture or mirror. For example, if you have a 7-inch standoff, your THIN Surface Mount should sit 7 inches above your wall art. The easiest way to install THIN Surface Mounts successfully is to hang your wall art or install your vanity mirror prior to your lighting. This will take some of the guess-work out of installing your lighting, and could save you a headache later on!

The height of your standoff is a good base measurement as the height above your picture or vanity, however there are some variables that you should consider before you begin drilling holes…

Modern Minimal Picture Lights by Juniper
Four Magnetically Connected Linear THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light in Black Oxide

How Thick is Your Picture Frame?

The thickness of your picture frame can potentially block light from your THIN Surface Mount fixture. If you have a thick frame, consider either purchasing a taller standoff, or installing the THIN Surface Mount slightly closer to your wall art. This will avoid shadows or light blocking.

Is There a Medicine Cabinet Under Your Vanity?

Having a vanity mirror over a medicine cabinet is practical and common. However, this will drastically affect your lighting choices. If the medicine cabinet is installed over your wall, as opposed to inside the wall, you’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing your standoff height and distance from your vanity. We recommend installing your vanity before drilling holes for your lighting, and printing out our to-scale THIN Surface Mount standoffs from our THIN Product Guide and testing out distances.

The answer to “how high do I mount my picture or vanity light above my art or mirror?” is relatively subjective. You know your space better than anyone, and ultimately, you should use your best judgment when installing your custom fixtures. To talk through your project with one of our sales professionals and answer any product questions you may have, contact us!

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