New York Spaces Lists The Love Me Not in Top 26 Most Fashionable Color Pairings

New York Spaces has released a complete list of 26 striking designs in black and white that will turn any space into a modern utopia. Our Love Me Not pendant, designed by Pascale Girardin, made the top of the list with its luxurious and soft white finish, reminiscent of porcelain.

The Love Me Not draws from childhood memories of picking petals off of daisies. The pendant’s organic shape is crafted from five layers of hand-formed, porcelain-finish acrylic, so no two fixtures are identical. Suspended individually or in a cluster, Love Me Not (À La Folie) delivers a whimsical display of art and light. With each petal hand-molded and finessed until just right, the Love Me Not adds a delicate aesthetic with its weightless silhouette.

Other top designs featured in the list are stunning wallpapers by Tempaper and Given Campbell, textiles by Madeline Weinrib, contemporary dinnerware by Tightrope and Williams Sonoma, and lighting by Hangar Design Group and Savatori.

Tempaper Black and White Stripes Throw Pillow

Tempaper’s classic black and white stripe wallpaper.

Ceramic Bowl

Frosted Oatmeal Stoneware bowls and Graphite Stoneware bowls by Tightrope.

Adding a contemporary black or white piece to a neutral space can create a high-end aesthetic with a modern edge. Make it the theme of your space and embrace black and white statements for a cohesive and inviting setting.

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