Integrated Modern Table Lamp Deconstructed in Office Insight

OfficeInsight, a weekly digital magazine, introduced our latest product, the THIN Shared Task Lamp in a feature article. Their editorial team discussed the minimal fixture’s inspiration, technological traits, and compatible accessories that further elevate the integrated modern table lamp. Learn all about the THIN Shared Task Lamp below.



Nodding to old library lamps with vintage aesthetics, the THIN Shared Task Lamp was designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper. It is an innovative addition of the growing THIN Collection that first began with the signature THIN Task Lamp.



Displaying a minimal silhouette, the THIN Shared Task Lamp illuminates modern workspaces using its 1/2-inch diameter light segment. Rotate the segment to reposition direct and indirect lighting when working or studying for a comfortable setting. The THIN Shared Task Lamp further demonstrates its modularity by allowing users to connect up to three segments using a single plug-in power supply.

Compatible Accessories

Due to its recessed installation, the desk-inset lamp reduces clutter on tabletops. The THIN Shared Task Lamp is compatible with all of our Ground Control power accessories to build a contemporary, elegant workstation. Harmonize your power station by adding a Brass Unifying Plate, which merges the integrated modern table lamp with any power accessory.


The THIN Shared Task Lamp with 3 Connected Sections in Satin Brass

More Modular Desk Lamp Light Fixtures

Juniper, a lighting manufacturer in New York, assembles handmade light fixtures, widely known for their modularity. Our designs exceed their simplistic profile to provide users with LED lamping solutions that create a meaningful impact in residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Apart from the THIN Shared Task Lamp, we also recommend the THIN Task Lamp that can be a standard tabletop, desk-inset or wall-mounted. Reach out to our sales team for questions or for more lighting recommendations.

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