Our New Designs Debuting at ICFF 2018

ICFF 2018 will be featuring thousands of brand new designs and products, perfect for industry professionals and luxury dreamers alike. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is May 20-23 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York (3rd floor), encompassing hundreds of booths and companies. From bathroom hardware, tile, and handmade goods to luxury sculptures, textiles, and lighting, ICFF 2018 will showcase the best of the best in design. Juniper is proud to join the hundreds of vendors at ICFF 2018 to show the world brand new designs for all to enjoy. Visit us at Booth #453 to see these brand new designs in person, and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a signature Juniper fixture!

Juniper at ICFF 2018

Meet the Designs

The Axis Collection

A brand new collection that has never before been seen, the Axis Collection will be making its very first appearance at ICFF 2018. The Axis Collection explores the balance of form and light through reductive design. Designed by Miren Lasnier of Juniper, the collection draws inspiration from the extruded angles, channels, and tees that proliferated during the Industrial Revolution and remain virtually unchanged until today. Each fixture is made up of parallel angles that embrace arrays of light radiating from a central channel. The bronze angles are balanced by the warm illumination of the LED arrays.

The Axis Collection encompasses a variety of suspended and wall-mounted configurations. Each style possesses its own visual language and highlights a unique orientation. The core of the Axis Collection blends modesty with luxury to create dynamic lighting silhouettes.

Axis X as a suspended in an installation
Axis T as a suspended in an installation

THIN Primaries Rectangle & Hexagon

This year, we’re adding two new shapes to the THIN Primaries collection. The THIN Primaries Rectangle offers a twist on our THIN Primaries Square fixture, where two 24-inch and two 36-inch LED light segments create a stunning rectangle. Perfect for lobbies, hallways, over dining tables and desk spaces, the THIN Primaries Rectangle is available in our signature brass finishes for a luxurious aesthetic. The THIN Primaries Hexagon is also brand new to the line, offering 6 light segments, in a choice of 24-inch or 36-inch lengths. Create an illuminated geometric installation over a round table, in a stairwell, or an entryway.

THIN Primaries Rectangle small suspended lighting
THIN Primaries Hexagon large suspended lighting

Metropolis Wall Sconce

At ICFF 2018, we will also be debuting the brand new Metropolis Wall Sconce. With common motifs from its cousin, the Metropolis Wall to Wall, the Metropolis Wall Sconce is defined centrally by its three-inch illuminated cylinder profile. An aluminum core bisects the fixture into independently operated hemispheres, while an optional perforated mesh diffuser adds visual texture and austerity. The rectangular backplate is unique to the wall sconce and is designed to allow vertical and horizontal mounting, while a mini version of the sconce is optimized for sign and wall detail illumination. With elements of integrated shapes, materials, and textures, the Metropolis Wall Sconce joins the Metropolis Collection to bring contemporary aesthetics with subtle vintage references to unique spaces worldwide.

wall-mounted lighting of Metropolis Wall Sconce by Juniper Design

Ground Control Dimmer Knobs & Power Outlet

2017-2018 has been a productive time for Juniper, in that we’ve also extended the Ground Control Power Accessories line. The collection now features a Toggle Switch, Double USB Port, and new Dimmer Knobs and Power Outlet.

Inspired by the dials and switches of mid-century mission control rooms, the Ground Control Collection unites vintage aesthetics with modern functionality through a series of brass surface-mounted power accessories.

Rotating brass dimmers pay tribute to the intentional designs and heavy-hand feel of quality vintage audio controls.  The Ground Control Dimmer features two styles. The Dimmer Knob supports a large knurled brass knob that delivers a satisfying weight as it rotates. The slim Dimmer Dial features a broad circular brass plate atop a slender neck. In each case, a gratifying click provides the assurance that the lamp is fully powering-off. The dimmers are nestled in a solid brass universal grommet designed to be easily mounted to panels or desktops. Ground Control Dimmers are compatible with most Juniper products including the THIN System collection. Dimmers may be compatible with other 12-24V constant-voltage LED light fixtures.

The Ground Control US Power Outlet is a surface-mounted power receptacle designed to be installed on panels and desktops. The UL-Listed outlet is embedded inside a precision-machined solid brass grommet. The natural patina finishes and subtle raise above the mounting surface speak to the simple luxury of the design.  The power outlet can be mounted solo or paired seamlessly with other Ground Control family members to construct an up-scale power management station.

Juniper Ground Control Power Accessories Collection

To see all of our new showstoppers make their first public debut, be sure to stop by ICFF booth #453 between May 20th and May 23rd.

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