FAQ: What Is a Light Segment?

Every Juniper fixture is fully assembled with all the parts needed for its function. This means that we provide the power supply (transformer), hardware, and a built-in LED strip within all light segments. The term “light segment” is referred to most commonly in our THIN Collection as a singular tube of light, but can extend beyond these fixtures.

THIN Light Segments, 24" & 36" lengths

Understanding what a light segment is made of may answer more questions, too. We begin with a brass tube in the finish of your choice: Satin Brass, Black Oxide or Satin Nickel. We install an LED strip in the color temperature that you’ve specified and enclose the tube with a PMMA lens that is either frosted or clear, depending on how you are lighting your space.

THIN Light Segments, Clear & Frosted Lenses
Frosted & Clear Segments Illuminated

Light segments are unique, in that they posses magnetic end pieces to allow connection into its mounting hardware. When making full contact, the segments power on and can freely rotate 360° due to the lack of wiring holding it in place. With the ability to rotate, users can create direct and indirect lighting applications simply by rotating the light segment toward or away from workspaces, ceilings, etc.

There is no light bulb or filament, and each component is built by our assembly team. We strongly recommend against troubleshooting light segment issues. Instead, we urge clients to send us damaged parts so that we make proper repairs. Please contact us if you have any product or installation questions

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