Interior Design Magazine Interviews Juniper Owner at ICFF 2018

ICFF 2018 Metropolis Suspension, Interior Design Magazine Video

ICFF 2018 has shed a whole new light on Juniper. The reaction of attendees to Juniper’s newest product collections such as the Axis Collection. The Axis offers a solid bronze body with a choice of arrays and silhouettes, ranging from four arrays in the Axis X, two arrays in the Axis T, to a single array in the Axis Wall Sconce.

As well as our new collections, attendees flocked to our most signature collection, the THIN System, a modular LED lighting system with the ability to magnetically snap into place. Magnetic connections enable the light segments to fully rotate without wires twisting internally, and provide the ability to add segments to a fixture to create a complete custom shape or size.

Another incredibly popular fixture shown at ICFF 2018 had to be the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall fixture. Juniper received many inquiries about the limits of this completely-custom LED light fixture. Essentially, there aren’t any. The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall fixture offers a lighting solution that spans the length of any room. As well as literally mounting from wall to wall, Juniper offers corner pieces to create an even more custom option for unique spaces.

Interior Design Magazine certainly made a point to stop by our ICFF 2018 booth to check out all of our top designs, and recorded it! Check out our video above to catch our owner and founder, Shant Madjarian, discuss the ever-popular Metropolis Wall-to-Wall fixture, as well as other highlights from the show.

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