Hotel Management Features The Metropolis Wall Sconce

Hotel Management Lighting Feature Juniper Metropolis Wall Sconce

For over 140 years, Hotel Management has been standing as a renowned reference in the hospitality industry, especially to designers and architects. They bring forward latest news and helpful information, such as the launch of our Metropolis Wall Sconce.


The Metropolis Wall Sconce, designed by David Meckley of Huntsman Architectural Group, emerges from a growing collection of 3.5-inch cylindrical suspended and custom wall-to-wall fixtures. This wall light is distinguished by its rectangular backplate that allows users to install the configuration vertically or horizontally.


An aluminum core divides the Metropolis Wall Sconce into two hemispheres, allowing users to individually dim its light output. We also offer an optional perforated matte black mesh diffuser to add more structure to the fixture while modifying any harsh illumination. With its strong illumination of up to 6,800LM, this wall sconce can adorn productive spaces such as a coworking space, kitchen, library, or an office.

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