FreeIt Data Solutions Conference Room Installed with the THIN Primaries Square

FreeIt Data Solutions in Austin, TX offers IT assistance in a big way. They provide backup & recovery services, as well as application performance and big data storage options. FreeIt Data Solutions began in 2010 as a data storage vendor focused on providing solutions to the State of Texas public sector. Since the beginning, data storage and virtualization has been and remained a primary focus. With this in the forefront, they have identified and adapted to dramatic changes in the industry. As the ever-changing industry evolves toward simplified platforms, Freeit remains focused of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to their customers.

FreeIt Data Solutions Entryway
FreeIt Dala Solutions Chioco Design Interior Project
FreeIt Data Solutions Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Square Inside Conference Room
FreeIt Data Solutions by Chioco Design

A restrained material palette of wood, industrial felt and concrete are combined with hints of color to reference Freeit’s brand identity. Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a floor to ceiling living wall in the reception area. Overhead, a dynamic pattern of wood slats unifies the open workspace. This suspended ceiling performs multiple functions – it screens the plumbing and mechanical equipment while also providing a framework to integrate lighting. On the north end of the space the ceiling turns down to screen the kitchen area and on the south end, it extends to the exterior of the building to provide an armature for signage.

FreeIt Data Solutions Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Square Inside Meeting Room

Photography by Cyndney Holm

Recently, FreeIt Data Solutions has undergone renovations and has updated their headquarters, coincidentally with a lighting company who understands the focus and detail of modern-day technology- Juniper! In their updated office, Chioco Design created a modern workspace reflective of the company’s branding. With bright pops of FreeIt’s signature green, the space is complemented by natural wood tones and smooth concrete flooring to bring in organic and calming elements. The 10-seat conference table, adorned by branded green chairs, sits beneath a single THIN Primaries Square in Black Oxide. The geometric lighting becomes a perfect complement to the sharp angles in the rectangular conference table below and dark tones echoed throughout the flooring and textured accent wall. With bursts of modern green accents and sophisticated textures, the space is easily cohesive and refined to create a contemporary workspace reflective of the brand itself.

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