FAQ: Do Fixtures Require a Transformer?

Juniper Lighting Mini Canopy

Although this is one of our more common FAQs, sometimes terminology can be lost in translation. Our lighting fixtures require a power supply to become functioning luminaries.


Both power supplies and transformers alter electrical voltage for use by other circuits or devices. Power supplies often incorporate transformers into their designs to perform this function. All power supplies provide power, however, transformers have other applications, like isolating circuits or altering signal voltages in amplifiers. Both transformers and power supplies can provide electricity to devices.


If the device needs a stable and clean source of power, it requires a power supply. If the electricity can be raw, unfiltered and fluctuate, a transformer alone will suffice. Since Juniper fixtures require a low voltage, power supplies are provided with each purchase.


In short, if you want your light to turn on, you will need a power supply. Whether you need a local or remote power supply is dependent on your unique installation requirements. We recommend consulting a licensed and trusted electrician to help determine your power supply requirements or contact us for product or general power supply questions.

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