Commercial Architecture Magazine Features Metropolis Wall Sconce

Commercial Architecture Magazine is a recognized design editorial for architects, contractors, and commercial construction owners. They paid tribute to lighting fixtures in their August 2018 issue, including The Metropolis Wall Sconce.

commercial architecture magazine juniper feature

The Metropolis Wall Sconce was the brainchild of David Meckley and Hunstman Architectural Group. This fixture uses LED lamping, which makes it an efficient choice of fixture for spaces of all sizes. With its 3.5-in. cylindrical profile, it can exude bright illumination to foster productivity, especially in workspaces. A luxurious aluminum core divides the sconce into two sections. This gives its users the freedom to single-handedly dim each partition to their liking. With the help of dimmers, creating ambiance becomes a breeze.

metropolis wall sconce juniper lighting

The Metropolis Wall Sconce in various finishes. Left:  Satin Aluminum (Black Trims). Center: Satin Brass. Right: Satin Brass (Black Trims) With Optional Mesh Overlay


Juniper is a renowned manufacturer of luxury lighting based in New York. We produce precision-engineered fixtures that aesthetically fit residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Besides appearance, we also care about function. We utilize LED lamping to contribute to our clients’ energy efficiency. For more recommendations, get in touch with our sales team today.

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