4 New Suspended Lighting Fixtures

As featured on Neue Luxury, we released our new Axis Collection in The International Contemporary Furniture Fair this past May. New suspended lighting designs, including the Axis Collection and new THIN Primaries Rectangle and Hexagon, became an instant hit as Juniper is known to bring forward products that do not tackle design alone, but also functionality.


Suspended lighting encapsulates fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers. They are generally ceiling-mounted and are best used for direct and indirect lighting. This type of lighting is recommended for spaces with high ceilings or settings where illumination of a below table or countertop is needed. Since they are so versatile and functional, we continue to expand this category of lighting.

1. Axis X

The origin of Axis X’s name is a no-brainer as it allows you to situate the fixture in an X or a plus (+) suspension – depending on your preferred aesthetics. It springs from the Axis Collection, which carries two other modern designs, mapped out by Miren Lasnier at Juniper.

Like the rest of the suspended lighting fixtures we carry, we made sure that the Axis X is not only an innovation for the sole purpose of designing your dream space. With its four LED light sources, the Axis X was fashioned to illuminate warmth in every corner of a room. Four 90° solid bronze angles closely bordered together are holding the arrays in place. The fixture comes in both 36-inch and 48-inch lengths and six luxurious finishes: Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Antique Pewter, Black Oxide, Black Walnut, and Grey-Stained Ash.

Axis X as a suspended lighting

36 inch Axis X in Polished Brass

Axis X as a suspended in an installation

48 inch Axis X in Satin Brass

2. Axis T

The Axis T is another suspended light joining the Axis collection. It was coined after the T-shaped silhouette on each end, with finessed aesthetics from the Axis X, but reduced in form. This design was inspired by the Industrial Revolution back when extruded angles, channels, and tees rapidly boomed. These construction elements have remained timeless into modern-day design.

The two arrays in the fixture sit opposite each other, emitting light upward and downward. These are firmly supported by the 90° solid bronze angles. Its length allows the fixture to radiate a high-lumen output, powerful enough to adorn a large portion of a room. The Axis T is indeed a great choice if you are looking for a lighting solution that doesn’t overwhelm in design but still displays elegance and luxury.

While the Axis X and Axis T may come in the same sizes and finishes, do not mistake the two lighting fixtures. Each possesses its own personality and presence while complimenting its counterpart. Take note that Axis X has four arrays, while the Axis T has two. Each of these resolves distinct residential and commercial lighting needs.

Axis T as a suspended lighting

48 inch Axis T in Black Oxide

Axis T as a suspended in an installation

48 inch Axis T in Polished Brass

3. THIN Primaries Rectangle

The THIN Primaries Rectangle follows the magnetic fitting function of our THIN System. Now available in a customizable rectangle, the simple yet striking geometric shape allows you to connect any amount of light segments to form new fixture dimensions. Although listed under our new suspended lights, this shape can actually be mounted on a wall as well.

Another dynamic feature of the THIN Primaries Rectangle is its rotatable segments which allow you to redirect light, even after installation. It is commonly used to cast light in hallways and over tables, but any type of architecture can house such a flexible design.

THIN Primaries Square Over Dining Table

24 inch x 36 inch THIN Primaries Rectangle in Satin Nickel

Juniper Geometric Lighting THIN Primaries Rectangle in Black Oxide

24 inch x 72 inch THIN Primaries Rectangle in Black Oxide

4. THIN Primaries Hexagon

The THIN Primaries Hexagon has a design so unique that it can beautify even an empty room. It brings a remarkable impression with its six LED segments that can be dimmed and rotated. Its magnetic form also makes it possible for you to build an installation of your dreams. Fixtures can easily interlock to create a cascading installation that demonstrates luxury and sophistication.

The hexagon shape is only scratching the surface of how amazing this new addition truly is. It is a versatile fixture which can be wall-mounted as well for a beautifully illuminated wall display.

Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Hexagon Geometric Lighting In Contemporary Waiting Lounge

36 inch THIN Primaries Hexagons in Satin Nickel

Juniper Lighting THIN Primaries Hexagon in Satin Nickel

36 inch THIN Primaries Hexagon in Satin Brass


Juniper is a leading luxury brand which manufactures lighting worldwide. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and homeowners trust our brand as we prioritize careful engineering of all our products. We stretch this precision further when we receive customized lighting requests for larger installations in commercial and hospitality settings. Need a price quote or a custom fixture? Our sales team is more than happy to help you with any request.

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