3 New Wall-Mounted Lighting Fixtures

To accompany our freshly-released suspended lighting designs, we also introduced our new wall-mounted lighting fixtures in this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)These configurations all grew from existing collections that continue to broaden for their modern-day design and versatility.



Wall-mounted lighting fixtures include sconces, picture lights, vanity lights, and wall detail illumination. These luminaires are best for ambient, task, and indirect lighting for homes, hospitality, and commercial environments. They can even be installed on ceilings for low-clearance spaces and intricate displays. Since fixtures are mounted, our in-house experts highly recommend a strategical installation by a licensed electrician.


1. The Metropolis Wall Sconce

Azure featured our recent Metropolis addition, The Metropolis Wall Sconce. It was designed by David Meckley and Huntsman Architectural Group, with an optional mesh overlay to encompass the light array. The design was inspired by the rock n’ roll age, Bauhaus cues, and nautical design.

Metropolis Wall Sconce Polished Aluminum

48 in The Metropolis Wall Sconce in Polished Aluminum with a mesh diffuser

wall-mounted lighting of Metropolis Wall Sconce by Juniper Design

The Metropolis Wall Sconce in Satin Brass

2. Axis Wall Sconce

The Axis Wall Sconce completes the new Axis Collection, designed by Miren Lasnier of Juniper. Available in 12 in, 24 in, 36 in, and 48 in lengths, the collection borrows inspiration from construction components relevant in the Industrial Revolution. The Axis effortlessly combines resilience and contemporary design.

satin brass axis wall sconce

48 in Axis Wall Sconce in Satin Brass

Juniper Lighting Axis Wall Sconce in Black Oxide

24 in Axis Wall Sconce in Black Oxide

3. Mounted THIN Primaries Rectangle or Hexagon

The Rectangle and the Hexagon still adhere to the effortless design of the THIN Primaries collection, which spotlights geometric fixtures. With the help of interchangeable corner-angled pieces, the THIN Primaries collection is a modular system that allows custom configurations to adorn any space.

wall-mounted lighting THIN Primaries Rectangle

24 in x 48 in THIN Primaries Rectangle in Black Oxide

Wall-mounted lighting details of THIN Primaries Rectangle

Wall-mounted THIN Primaries Rectangle details

Need a price quote for a custom wall-mounted lighting fixture?

Juniper is a trusted manufacturer of luxury lighting based in Brooklyn, New York. We provide a quick and easy process for all custom lighting needs of hotels, office spaces, and hospitals. Our brand proudly carries the finest lighting fixtures of reductive design and maximum functionality. Get in touch with our lighting experts to help you with your specific requests.

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