The Assemblage John Street Location Equipped With Juniper Lighting

The new Assemblage John Street location followed right after CEO Rodrigo Nino’s The Assemblage NoMad success. Both venues foster a coworking space to discover a higher mind. Their purpose is also to stimulate one’s well-being through social gatherings, available to their members and the public community. They resemble a natural oasis where you leave your worries at the door, almost as if you’re no longer in the hustle and bustle of New York City. However, the Financial District site branched into an apartment-style hotel with 79 rooms to house its guests.


Assemblage John Street Location Reception Area Illuminated Custom Triangular Logo

Although the site is brand new, The Assemblage John Street location did not stray from its prime aesthetics. A row of inviting THIN Chandeliers illuminate the entryway, which is visible as you walk by the building. As you enter, you are greeted at the reception area where an illuminating wall-mounted custom logo is displayed.

coworking space assemblage nyc juniper lighting

THIN Shared Task Lamps in Satin Nickel

Moving forward, a range of communal spaces is accessible through day rates and paid membership. Each area is embellished with more THIN Chandeliers, an array of THIN Shared Task Lamps and THIN Task Lamps with Desk Insets. These fixtures radiate the right amount of light to bring innovations into a reality.


The entirety of Assemblage is popularly characterized by our THIN Chandelier resembling a sun as the source of life and energy. It has easily become a signature motif in both Assemblage locations. This modular fixture is also situated in their signature meditation room. Other fun rooms include a Tea Ceremony Room and a Yoga Studio. We extended our custom capabilities into a large installation above the bar area with fluted glass panels and a brass frame that encased lighting.

assemblage john street full view

Custom lighting encompassed in a textured glass with Satin Brass lining in their full restaurant 


THIN Chandeliers in Satin Nickel


The hotel extension undeniably sets The Assemblage John Street address apart from its prior location. After a long day of coworking, you can book a short or long-term room to comfortably settle in a modern space just a few floors up.


The rooms are adorned with custom Juniper fixtures such as the suspended globe pendant lighting and the globe wall sconce. A standard THIN Surface Mount is also installed in every room to add a warm accent.

Photos by Mikiko Kikuyama

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