3 Things To Avoid When Cleaning Light Fixtures

Juniper uses high-quality materials for our light fixtures. Our THIN System is crafted from solid brass, our Metropolis Collection is made from aluminum for heat distribution, and our Axis Collection features solid bronze. Although it may sound daunting, caring for all of these fixtures is actually quite simple.

Like other natural metals, brass, aluminum, and bronze may slightly patina over time. To reduce signs of aging, Juniper protects its finishes with a mild matte lacquer to delay discoloration of the metal, and to protect it from exposure to humidity and natural oils. Here are three things to avoid when cleaning light fixtures:

1. Using Harsh Cleaners or Surfaces

Using cleaners can damage the finish of your fixture. In turn, it increases the chances of the finish aging overtime and losing its stunning luster. Try a slightly dampened microfiber cloth and avoid ammonia, bleach, and abrasive solutions or surfaces.


2. Dropping or Applying Excessive Force

Sometimes handling fixtures while cleaning can be awkward. We recommend taking your time and handling fixtures very carefully, especially when it comes to the THIN System’s slender profile. Do not apply too much pressure on any part or joint of the lamp.


3. Disassembling or Modifying

Except for recycling purposes, we highly discourage users from disassembling their fixtures in order to clean or repair them. Light segments can easily be removed from THIN System fixtures for easier cleaning, but segments or parts should not be taken apart or altered.


If there are any issues with cleaning your Juniper fixture properly, please give us a call! We’re happy to walk you through easy practices for cleaning and caring for your fixture properly. Learn how often you should clean your light fixtures here.

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