VMSD Recommends the Metropolis Wall Sconce for Retail Lighting

VMSD, a design source for retail professionals since 1897, is dedicating their September issue to the world of lighting. They mentioned a variety of fixtures & lighting tools recommended for retail lighting, with Juniper’s Metropolis Wall Sconce being one of the selected fixtures.

satin brass juniper retail lighting
metropolis wall sconce satin brass lighting

Metropolis Wall Sconces in Satin Brass

The Metropolis Wall Sconce is an extension of David Meckley and Huntsman Architectural Group’s collaborated success of The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System for Argonaut’s office space. This cylindrical fixture embodies a 3.5-in. profile and is accentuated by its aluminum core that separates the top and bottom hemispheres.


This Juniper fixture makes a desirable retail lighting since it exhibits a high-output of up to 6,800LM, with wattages as low as 41W. More than that, its bisections were also innovated to be independently dimmed. By simply using dimmers, this light module allows users to pleasantly adjust direct and indirect lighting without hassle.

illuminated juniper metropolis wall sconce mesh diffuser

The Metropolis Wall Sconce with an Optional Black Hexagonal Diffuser

Another beauty of The Metropolis Wall Sconce is its optional feature of installing a black hexagonal mesh diffuser, which adds an industrial character to it. Apart from its physical appearance, the diffuser is intended to create a soft light without blocking too much illumination.



Juniper is a trusted lighting manufacturer in New York that offers LED lamping for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. For retail lighting solutions, Juniper takes energy-saving seriously. We aim to provide all of our clients with fixtures powerful enough to light up any room size while using the least wattage one can find in the market. Contact our sales team today to get a price quote for your retail lighting needs.

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