What To Look For When Buying A Task Lamp

Although the population has shifted from paper trails to digital footprint, a task lamp is still a staple on anyone’s desk or bedside table. To keep up with changing interior aesthetics, lighting manufacturers are now upping their design. Task lamps have flooded the market in recent years, but we’re here to show you what to look for when buying a task lamp.


Lumens is a term commonly used to describe how much a fixture emits light. It’s measured in LM. Buying a task lamp with high lumens is necessary for productivity. Low lumens will only give you a bad headache and damage your eyesight in the long run. Try to find a task lamp with lumens between 400-600. Opt for a dimmable lamp so you can dim down if needed.



Considering LED task lamps make absolute financial sense. LEDs allocate about 84 lumens per watt, compared to incandescent bulbs that only provide 14 lumens per watt. It’s an eco-conscious effort and an economical choice at the same time. An LED that is about 5W should provide enough power to illuminate your desk space, as it’s equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb.



Color-Rendering Index (CRI) is the valuation of how accurate colors will look under a lighting fixture.  The maximum CRI is 100 but the standard CRI for LED lamping is at least 80. Fixtures with a CRI as low as 60 will look unnaturally colored, so opt for the highest CRI you can find.



When buying a task lamp, a good rule of thumb is assessing the size of your table beforehand. The last thing you want is your lamp to clutter your workspace. Baseless options are great to maximize your table space, so look into desk-inset or wall-mounted lamp options.



A task lamp releases direct and focused lighting, so glare should be taken into account. Buying a task lamp with an adjustability feature will help avoid this issue. Dimming is helpful to reduce glare, as well as choosing a lamp with a hinge or movability can help change the light’s position. Lastly, you want a lamp that resonates with your style and although this comes down to personal taste, you will never go wrong with a minimal design.


Juniper offers a number of modern and minimal task lighting options, including the THIN Task Lamp. This unit has a dimmable capability that allows you to modify its light output from 0-500LM, a stunning 90 CRI, shape adjustability, and a low tabletop footprint.

Its minimal profile makes it an ideal choice for study rooms, office spaces, and bedrooms to name a few. Easily operated with a dimmer knob, this luminaire has an intricate hinge and ball joint that enable you to adjust the body to your liking. Our task lamps go beyond the portable installation and can be insetwall-mounted, and connected in segments.

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