Patisserie Fouet With THIN Suspension Segments

Patisserie Fouet is new in the city. Located near Union Square Park in New York, this Japanese-inspired bakery offers delicate desserts and high-quality coffee.


It is a cozy space, conceptualized by Suzumori Architecture, where you can hang out or get work done for its quaint atmosphere. Upon entering, guests are greeted by an L-shaped counter, lined with artfully crafted desserts in a glass case, a checkout section, and modern bar seating toward the back of the space. The aesthetic is clean and modern, showcasing rich marble tabletops, walnut accents, and brass hardware to complement their equally refined treats.


An impressive seven-connected segment THIN Suspension in Satin Brass becomes a striking, yet minimal showstopper. Patisserie Fouet exhibits an arched ceiling, window-front solid-wood seating area, and wall-to-wall shelving units. With the use of simple shapes and luxurious materials, the space exemplifies a high-end patisserie with an elegant and contemporary twist.

Patisserie Fouet glass door
Patisserie Fouet main entrance

This pastry shop does not only display dainty Asian fusion dessert, but also showcases top of the line architecture. Modern design integrated with wood panels allow the space to feel sophisticated without intimidating coffee enthusiasts. A commendable Yelp review reads, “Of all of the storefronts on this block of 13th street, which includes another French bakery and an elegant chocolate shop, this storefront is clearly built and designed with the most high-end architecture of all of them.”

Japanese Strawberry, Apple, and Chocolate desserts in Patisserie Fouet
Patisserie Fouet Window Seating Overlooking Street View
Inside / Interiors Patisserie Fouet

THIN Suspension In Patisserie Fouet

Patisserie Fouet light inside the cafe
Juniper Lighting Patisserie Fouet Satin Brass Long Minimal Linear Fixture


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