FAQ: What is the difference Between Voltage, Wattage, And Amps In Lighting Fixtures?

Being aware of specs is important when browsing for fixtures. These details often go unnoticed but they actually define the honesty in product claims. We understand that it can be confusing so we asked our experts to explain the difference between voltage, wattage, and amps.


Voltage is the amount of pressure that allows your light fixture to illuminate. It is measured in V.

Knowing your light’s voltage is important because each fixture has an exact voltage. Using voltage lower than what your lighting fixture needs may not be enough to power it. If it is too high, however, your fixture is likely to overheat or completely get destroyed.



Wattage is the measurement of electrical power released by a fixture and is measured in watts. Note that higher wattages do not mean your fixture emits brighter light. To find out how much your light gives off, refer to its lumens (L) instead.

Each watt you use is reflected on your electrical bill so it is essential to know your fixtures’ wattages. To deflate your expenses, look for LED alternatives that have the highest number of lumens per watt. Incandescent bulbs are the main culprits of an expensive electrical bill because they use up to six times more wattages than LED.



Amperes are commonly known as amps. It is a unit of measurement that determines the rate of an electrical current. Amps are dispensed through a power supply.

All fixtures have designated amps and juicing it with the correct one will allow your lighting to function properly. Using a power supply with lower amps will refuse your lighting’s maximum capacity. However, if you use a power supply with higher amps than your fixture, your light will only use up how much it needs.


Juniper is a Brooklyn-based lighting company with various LED lighting fixtures for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. Our LED system utilizes the most efficient lumens per watt in today’s global market and we continue to develop our technology over time. It is our promise to go above and beyond for all our clients to ensure that our exceedingly high customer service standards are met.

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