Buildings Lists Lighting As A Number One Wayfinding Solution

Buildings, a brand dedicated to new products and technology, enumerated 4 easy ways you can add wayfinding in your existing space. Among these are flooring, colors, signage, and of course, lighting.


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An Array of THIN Suspensions in Black Oxide

Wayfinding is a solution that assists navigation in any space. It helps you get from point A to point B. When using lighting as a wayfinder, we recommend opting for LED lamping since it is an economical and eco-friendly choice. A single fixture can provide about 84 lumens per watt, compared to incandescent bulbs that only provide about 14 lumens per watt. Juniper’s LED’s are more efficient than the average LED, reaching about 100 lumens per watt with our new developments.


Lighting is described to be a subtle way to guide an individual to the right direction for its illumination. It can be installed as a track to act as a pathway. However, lighting provides more than just direction. It helps cancel out printed signages and tacky arrows.

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THIN Primaries Square Fixtures As a Wayfinding Solution

A chandelier is a common choice of fixture to attract individuals for their grand design. However, minimal designs are gradually becoming more popular these days to be at par with mid-century modern interior styles. Geometric fixtures are great alternatives for their distinctive shapes such as a triangle, rectangle, square, hexagon, and rhombus. These are often installed in waiting areas, hallways, and over counters as points of interests.



Juniper is a leading lighting manufacturer in Brooklyn, globally known for fixtures with sleek designs. We offer a collection of the THIN Primaries, designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper, that encapsulates various geometric shapes. These light fixtures may be installed to replace a chandelier or in clusters to create an installation of your choice. Reach out to our sales team for wayfinding recommendations specific to your space.

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