How Proper Lighting Affects Productivity In An Office

Like all offices, Juniper aims to provide a conducive environment for all employees with the use of proper lighting. We enumerated why it is smart to invest in light fixtures you and your coworkers can benefit from.



Bright lighting stimulates individuals to be attentive because it creates an atmosphere they are comfortable to work in. It also minimizes downtime, which pushes employees to work their best.


What Juniper recommends:

The Metropolis Suspension


The Metropolis Suspension Capabilities:

Top and bottom bisections can be independently dimmed, illuminates large spaces with a high output of up to 8,200LM, and has an optional mesh overlay to diffuse lighting.

Juniper lighting The Metropolis Suspension Mesh Overlay

The Metropolis Suspension in Polished Aluminum with a Mesh Overlay

THIN Suspension proper lighting over desk

The Metropolis Suspension in Satin Brass (Black Trims)


The last thing you want is a headache brought by insufficient lighting, but too bright of a light can also cause eyestrain. Dimmers are helpful to customize your lighting experience with its warm-to-dim options.


What Juniper recommends:

Ground Control Dimmers


Ground Control Capabilities:

Solid brass casing, satisfying click-stop, compatibility with all Juniper lighting and 12-24V Constant Voltage lighting, and installation on all furniture or surfaces with a maximum thickness of 1.5 inches (with 2 inches of clearance behind the surface).


Reading visibility is accompanied by an optimal setting. Positioning your light directly on your pages improves text size, compared to lighting radiating over your shoulder. It also helps store new information better when you can read clearly.


What Juniper recommends:

THIN Task Lamp


THIN Task Lamp Capabilities:

High-output LED light through a clear lens for a focused beam angle, built-in on-off dimmer to adjust brightness, has a ball joint at its base to extend the body, and available in two sizes (Standard & Tall).

THIN System Task Lamp Solid Brass Fixture from THIN System

THIN Task Lamp in Satin Brass


Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that assembles fixtures for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. We have equipped various corporate offices, coworking spaces, and home offices with fixtures that fit clients’ specific expectations. To create the best lighting plan for your workspace, contact our sales team for more recommendations.

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