3 Types of Lighting

Lighting, as simple as it sounds, is a game-changer in building or remodeling a space. It can contribute to your productivity when doing certain tasks or accentuate a dull corner. With its diverse purpose, we listed common types of lighting to determine what kind of fixture you should install to execute your lighting plans.



This is one of the most basic types of lighting and is also referred to as general lighting. Ambient lighting radiates a subtle illumination without glare that provides the right amount of light in a room. It is the central piece from which designers build on with more fixtures to accentuate a room. This is commonly achieved through central chandeliers, recessed lighting, and lighting diffused by splashing onto a wall.


Recommended Juniper fixtures:

THIN Chandelier, Axis Wall Sconce, & THIN Suspension

THIN Chandelier in Black Oxide

THIN Chandelier in Black Oxide

satin brass axis wall sconce

Axis Wall Sconce in Satin Brass


Task lighting is used for productive activities that need a more concentrated amount of light (e.g., reading, cooking, studying, & applying makeup). To enhance clarity and reduce headaches, we recommend investing in fixtures that minimize glare, are the optimal light temperature, and have the capability to be adjusted through dimming or rotating.


Recommended Juniper fixtures:

THIN Task Lamp, THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light, & The Metropolis Suspension

THIN System Task Lamp Solid Brass Fixture from THIN System

THIN Task Lamp in Satin Brass

Metropolis suspension office lighting

The Metropolis Suspension in Satin Brass


Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific feature in a room, such as an artwork. However, it should not be the focal lighting in a room, rather, it should only add depth or character to the space. Accent lighting can be used to showcase furniture, cast light onto end tables, or accentuate architectural elements in your space like shelving or inset bookcases.


Recommended Juniper fixtures:

THIN Surface Mount Picture Light, The Wally, Love Me Not

flower pendant love me not juniper lighting

Love Me Not Flower Pendant


If you want to achieve a space with depth, light and shadow, with a cozy atmosphere, opt for building a space in layers where each type of lighting is represented. Create a cohesive design by utilizing different styles of lighting, but unifying them with a central theme. Our THIN System is incredibly versatile while still retaining its 1/2-inch solid brass profile. Add adjustability to your lighting by installing dimmers. Contact our sales team for more recommendations on how we can make this happen.

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