Last Chance To Vote In Best of Year Awards by Interior Design

The Best of Year Awards by Interior Design is almost coming to an end. While participating in this awards is an honor in itself, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who took the time to support our nominees daily. You can still support our designs by casting your vote until October 20th.

Axis x best of year awards by interior design nominee

Designed by Miren Lasnier at Juniper, the Axis X was born from a large collection of industrial-inspired fixtures that express modern aesthetics. It displays four perpendicular light arrays, powerful enough to illuminate an entire space. Users can suspend this fixture in its standard X-shape or radiate a cross silhouette with its + profile. Show your support by voting for this design in the Best of Year Awards by Interior Design.

diamond wall sconce lighting

To create a showstopper in ICFF 2018, our team precisely-designed an illuminated piece of art. By mounting 12 light arrays using different standoff heights, we developed the dramatic THIN Diamond Sconce, which serves as a recognition of Juniper’s growing accomplishment in the lighting industry. Vote for this everlasting installation in the Best of Year Awards by Interior Design to show your continuous support.

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