Choosing The Right Chandelier For Any Space

With chandeliers coming in an array of dimensions, styles, and finishes, choosing the right chandelier can be exciting. They become more than just another decoration that fills up room. However, it can also be overwhelming because your dream chandelier may look odd if installed in the wrong space.



As a common space shared by the household and guests, your living room should always look exquisite. Besides flaunting charming illumination, function also has to be considered because it is a space where productive tasks are done. To create an illusion of a fresh atmosphere, we recommend our articulating THIN Chandelier, with arms you can adjust to create your own shape.

THIN Chandelier Installed in A Contemporary Living Room

THIN Chandelier in Black Oxide

THIN Chandelier in Raw Brass

THIN Chandelier in Satin Brass


Besides functioning as a lounge for guests, a hotel lobby initiates first impressions. Therefore, choosing the right lighting means being able to grab guests’ attention the moment they first walk in. Since lobbies are typically large, we would recommend a striking yet feminine fixture like the Love Me Not. This flower pendant gives off a relaxing energy for its soft porcelain-like curves that pull it away from becoming an overwhelming piece.

flower pendant love me not juniper lighting

Love Me Not Pendant Designed by Pascale Girardin

Love Me Not Juniper Chandelier


Transforming a dining room can be as easy as choosing the right chandelier to suspend over your table. Although your choice also depends on the shape of your tabletop, one can never go wrong with the THIN Primaries Square. This basic geometrical fixture is available in two sizes, 24 in. for medium-sized dining tables, and 36in. to illuminate larger surfaces.

THIN Primaries Square Over Dining Table

THIN Primaries Square in Satin Nickel

THIN Primaries Collection, Suspended Square Lighting in Black Oxide Finish

36 in. THIN Primaries Square in Black Oxide


At Juniper, we proudly manufacture and assemble modern fixtures by hand in our Brooklyn, New York design studio. We offer a diverse variety of lighting options to embellish any residential, commercial, and hospitality space. Although chandeliers may seem to be the most common option in adorning rooms, we have a wide range of suspended fixtures selection to make any space stand out. Contact our sales team for lighting solutions specifically tailored to your interior plans.

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