FAQ: Why Should I Choose Lutron As My Power Supply?

A power supply is a fundamental component that safely converts alternating current (AC) power into direct current (DC). It also transmits a dimming signal from the dimmer to smoothly control light output.


All of our power supply options adhere to our product or configuration requirements. While we provide exceptional standard power supplies, we also offer Lutron, a trusted brand by most clients worldwide.


Juniper is a Lutron OEM Advantage Partner, simply because we trust the brand. They have been a leader in architectural lighting control for over 55 years and have noted Juniper’s dedication in design. It is our goal to bring forward lighting solutions that excel both in form and function.


We offer Lutron LED power supplies to provide our clients a flicker-free, continuous, and 100% down to 1% dimming performance. Lutron also offers up to 10 years of warranty to guarantee all clients a safe and excellent option. With their 24/7 technical support, their team is easy to reach in the rare event that your Lutron power supply is not operating as intended.

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