Workshop Tonic Features Our California Client Solutions Associate

Workshop Tonic, an online blog featuring the latest design news, helped spread the word about our new addition to our team. See the full article on Danielle and our design ethos here. Although we are largely based in New York, in recent years, the demand of other major global cities has guided us to expand our team.

juniper california market sales representative

Now joining our team to represent our California-based clients, Danielle Greenstein joined our team with a strong design background. After running her own interior design firm for 7 years, Danielle comes with knowledge and a true designer’s taste to help our clients choose the right lighting for their spaces. She is synced up with California’s time zone so her availability caters to the area. She’s also on the road and ready to give presentations whenever requested!


“There is great passion and history behind every fixture they design. Our industry has changed greatly and it excited me to join a growing team fully focused on designing a beautifully crafted product”.


To learn more about Danielle, check out her team profile.

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