Yale CEID Students Welcome Juniper Owner & Founder, Shant Madjarian

Yale University is an Ivy League school, known for dedicated students who do exceptionally well in academics and sports. Shant Madjarian and Mel Saenz, Juniper’s Founder and Sales Director respectively, paid Yale University a visit to speak about Juniper in their Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (CEID). Discover how Juniper started and what we stand for behind all of our innovative lighting designs.

Shant Madjarian Yale University CEID

Juniper Owner & Founder, Shant Madjarian, Discussing the M Lamp

How Juniper Began

Growing up with an eye for design was innate for Shant, whose parents have been in the lighting industry for years. He developed a passion for design and lighting that naturally translated into a lighting manufacturing business. He gathered a small team in 2011 and believed in Juniper’s capability to grow into what it is today.


Our Goal

We wanted our fixtures to revolve around design and purpose tied altogether. Turning to technology, Juniper fostered innovative lighting solutions to bring significance to people’s lives. We aim for our products to deliver convenience to individuals. Our Product Development team is always on-the-go for upgrades, big or small. As a company, we make sure that we put all of our clients above anything else.


Juniper’s Signature Design

When designing new products, we collaborate with outstanding product designers who understand our ethos—luxury in simplicity. Reductive design may sound like an easy task, but it is one of the hardest to achieve. The simpler it is, the more difficult it is to maximize its features. We rely on details to make all of our minimal designs a possibility.

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