Interiors + Sources Highlights The Wing x Juniper

Embarking on a mission to unite and empower all women, The Wing is a women-only coworking space situated in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Interiors + Sources spoke to our team and gave attention to the space designed with feminine nuances, where we chipped in our take on what a lady boss-like social club should look like as expressed in lighting.

The Wing’s Entryway Illuminated by Two Connected THIN Surface Mount Configurations

How did Juniper partake in The Wing’s development & what were your goals?

They already had a vision when they came to us—minimal linear lighting. With our varied THIN options, we showed them our THIN Surface Mount Display Lights, which they chose to customize with a 7-in. standoff height. With the repetition of our solid brass fixture in their main spaces, we were able to correspond with the luxurious and modern aesthetics for which their design team was aiming.


What were The Wing’s expectations? How were those met?

They aspired for an elevated entryway illuminated with a minimal linear silhouette. It was pure serendipity that they were actually describing our lighting’s natural characteristics, which was why it was effortless to bring up our standard THIN Surface Mount. If this did not compare to what their design team desired, we would have been able to customize a lighting solution specifically for this project. But we’re ecstatic to say that the THIN Surface Mount outshined their expectations!


How important is lighting in this project?

Just by walking into The Wing’s entryway, lighting already sets the guests’ mood. They are welcomed with the warm glow radiated by the THIN Surface Mounts. As they walk further, there is a sense of familiarity with the repeated configurations in the space that creates a comforting atmosphere for women. Their choice of using a 7-in. standoff height helped lower the fixture from the ceiling and cast into the entrance. Inside the coworking area, the THIN Surface Mount also illuminated their tall inset bookcase shelving properly. The THIN Surface Mounts allow users to choose the color temperature, lens, and metal finish to suit any residential, commercial, and hospitality space.


How did lighting enhance The Wing?

With the right design, lighting becomes more than just a decorative piece in any space. We intended to bring both form and function to elevate elegance in The Wing’s space filled with pastel furniture. The THIN Surface Mount certainly uplifts the ladies-only co-working space even more with its Satin Brass finish that beams true luxury. Utilizing the fixture for different applications throughout the space is proof that the THIN Surface Mount is a versatile design.

THIN Surface Mounts with 7-in Standoff Heights

Two Connected THIN Surface Mounts Atop The Perch’s Menu

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