How To Choose The Right Lighting For Modern Bathrooms

While modern bathrooms are designed to embody contemporary elements that create an impression, this space still has to remain functional. Tasks like applying makeup, brushing your teeth, and bathing will be convenient if your bathroom embraces proper lighting. Here’s what you need to know…

Satin Nickel THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light

THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights in Satin Nickel (Photo by Vic Wahby)

THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light Connected Light Segments

Two Connected THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights in Satin Brass

Task lighting radiates increased illumination, which makes it an ideal type of lighting for bathrooms. Since it should be a place of safety for the multitude of tasks users do, we recommend dimmable fixtures with a high lumen output for clearer vision while avoiding headaches.

Color temperature is the color of light radiated by a fixture. It is measured in Kelvin (K), from 1,000K (candlelight) up to 10,000K (daylight). The lower the color temperature, the more your light illuminates orange. The higher the color temperature, the more blue the light output. The most appropriate color temperature for modern bathrooms ranges from 3,000K (Warm White) to 4,000K (Daylight).


Color Rendering Index (or CRI) is how accurate a color looks when illuminated under a source of light, compared to natural light. With CRI evaluated from 0 (Poor) to 100 (Excellent), we recommend adorning your modern bathroom with fixtures that have a high CRI of at least 90, which is the standard CRI for all Juniper fixtures.


Juniper is a top lighting manufacturer based in Brooklyn, New York. We offer diverse handmade fixtures to illuminate any residential, commercial, and hospitality space. Our most popular fixture for modern bathrooms is our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light, which features a rotatable 1/2-inch diameter light segment to fully customize direct and indirect lighting. This wall-mounted configuration can be magnetically connected to allow users to customize lengths and fit various mirror sizes. Contact our sales team to find out more lighting options for modern bathrooms.

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