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The Wing is not for the weak. It’s a coworking space of about 9,000 sq. ft that opened in March 2018, dedicated to strong independent women who want to take flight in voicing out their social concerns. The Dumbo coworking space that was featured in Interiors + Sources is swarmed with uplifting events headed by female celebrities and social media influencers.


To balance the feminine atmosphere of the space, Juniper installed fixtures with powerful light output. Sunhee Lim, BOLD‘s studio leader, captained the lighting design while the project was managed by Garett Cohen. Their team was asked what inspired them for the coworking space’s lighting design:

“We were inspired by femininity. We wanted to use decorative fixtures that felt soft and warm. We were inspired by the Parisian Art Deco style and installations like Dimore Studio’s Verande at Art Basel in 2016.”


Entryway of The Wing’s Merchandise Shop with THIN Surface Mounts


An Array of Two Connected THIN Surface Mounts in Satin Brass

The pro-women coworking space was designed by Chiara de Rege and Alda Ly. They had envisioned every inch of the Dumbo coworking space to be translated into a zone where women could feel comfortable and free to create. To tastefully complement feminine aesthetics, warm and pink tones dominate the entire space, with a subtle hint of white and other pastel hues.


Configurations of THIN Surface Mounts Illuminating the Recessed Bookcases


The entryway leads to a merchandise shop filled with alluring products and clever pro-women gear from tote bags and clothing, to feminine office supplies. The shop space creates an inset area highlighted by a runway of brass lighting, two connected THIN Surface Mounts in Satin Brass.


Using our tallest standoff height of 7 in., the configurations were spread throughout the space, such as The Wing’s Strand-curated library brimming with feminist works (and secret rooms!). Other fascinating spaces inside the Dumbo coworking space include a podcast room, sunken living space, beauty room, wellness room, and breastfeeding room.


The library with impeccable inset bookcases is one of the main stars in The Wing. It made sense to highlight the tall shelvings with an array of two connected THIN Surface Mount Display Lights that exemplify minimalism with its 1/2-inch brass segments that can be rotated all the way through. This grants users to choose between direct and indirect lighting whenever one is preferred throughout the day. These minimal linear fixtures are also artfully displayed in their in-house cafe, The Perch.

The Perch Dumbo Brooklyn Cafe
THIN Surface Mount Above The Perch Menu

Connected THIN Surface Mounts Atop The Perch’s Cafe Menu

Two connected THIN Surface Mounts accentuate The Perch’s artfully wall-mounted menu. They offer The Wing’s members with alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and easy-to-prepare food such as salads and sandwiches to power up all lady bosses. Our solid brass lighting truly stamps elegance wherever you situate it. Contact our sales team to see how we can elevate your residential, commercial, or hospitality space.

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