Product Upgrade: THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount Base

The rise of the THIN System, designed by Peter Bristol for Juniper, began with the iconic THIN Task Lamp. The tabletop lamp extended into desk inset and wall-mounted fixtures that give users installation options to cater to any space. Learn more about the THIN Task Lamp with Wall Mount and discover the next product upgrade that our team innovated to enhance the unit.


About the THIN Task Lamp

With the THIN Task Lamp’s wall-mounted option, users can mount the fixture to headboards, wooden panels, and walls. This space-saving lamp has an articulating hinge that gives its shape adjustability. It can contract its arm on-site while reducing tabletop footprint.


The THIN Task Lamp with Wall Mount is available in two sizes (Standard and Tall) to fit a span of dimensions. This unit has the ability to customize task lighting with the help of its built-in dimmer knob that adjusts full brightness. It also features a ball joint at its base that enables users to extend the lamp’s body to their preference.

Product Upgrade

The THIN Task Lamp with a wall-mounted base was first released with a tough cast iron base to firmly situate the fixture while wearing resistance. The lamp’s cast iron base became the signature foundation for a while, until our Product Development team altered the THIN Task Lamp Wall Mount Base into a matching finish of our THIN Task Lamps by popular demand. Available in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, and Black Oxide, the upgrade makes it aesthetically easy to pair the wall-mounted lamp with the Ground Control Toggle Switch that comes in the same metal finishes. Users with the previous base can order the product upgrade separately on our website to complete the luxurious form of the minimal lamp.


Standard THIN Task Lamp with Wall Mount in Black Oxide


Tall THIN Task Lamp with Wall Mount in Satin Brass

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