FAQ: Is A Dimmer Necessary For My LED?

Satin Brass Ground Control Dimmer Dial and Knob

Ground Control Dimmers: Dial (left) & Knob (right)

With developing LED technology, most fixtures are now compatible with dimmers. It brings a range of benefits that a light switch alone cannot provide. Although dimmers are not necessary for fixtures to operate, it is still an important add-on to LED lamping.


1. Saves Energy

Without dimmers, users are left with the option to use lighting’s full capacity, when only a portion of it is needed. Adding a dimmer to your fixtures gives you full control over energy consumption and allows you to adjust the intensity. Decreasing a fixture’s brightness means it is illuminated by lower wattage, thus, using lesser energy.


2. Extends LED’S Life

LED’s generally last for up to 50,000 hours or 15 years, but it turns stale with age when used at its maximum level daily. An LED’s lifespan is drastically reduced once excessive heat and maximum output overworks the fixture. Invest in a dimmer to help reduce the heat output from an LED, which in turn, will extend a fixture’s lifespan.


3. Adjusts To Your Mood

A dimmer is a helpful tool to make your fixture multi-purpose. With the capability to adjust brightness, you can use your LED lamping for productive tasks or soften the output when you want to loosen up. This saves you from purchasing a multitude of fixtures just to get the proper lighting for your space.


To get the most out of your fixture, we recommend pairing it with our furniture-mounted Ground Control Dimmers. These modern click-stop dimmers seize a satisfying weight and can embellish surfaces, panels, and desktops. Compatible with all Juniper fixtures, the Ground Control Dimmers exemplify luxurious aesthetics from its dazzling brass material. It is available in two styles: the Dimmer Dial with a broad circular brass plate atop with ridged handle and the Dimmer Knob with a knurled texture.


We also recommend upgrading to Lutron Dimmers, ideal for wall-inset dimming. Available in 0-10V and 2-Wire dimming options, this power accessory is compatible with all of our standard fixtures and Lutron Remote Power Supply. Please contact a licensed electrician or our sales team to check compatibility before purchasing.

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