Interior Design Features Claus Porto with Juniper Modern Lighting


Interior Design binds the architecture & design community for over 80 years through online and magazine publications that feature projects, products, and the latest design news. In their November 2018 issue, they covered Claus Porto‘s New York fragrance store, a project that is accentuated by Juniper’s linear LED lighting.


About Claus Porto

Claus Porto, a fragrance house that first debuted in Porto, Portugal, opened their first international store in Manhattan, New York. While the designer boutique has traveled across the globe, Claus Porto still paid homage to its Portuguese roots. Tacklebox Architecture designed the contemporary space according to Portugal’s rich history and architectural elements.


The Interior

The 550-square-foot store boasts a 42-feet arched pathway where Claus Porto’s artisan soap and fragrance collections are artfully displayed. The interiors were inspired by São Bento’s neoclassical tiles and curved windows that nod to Portugal’s narratives.


Standing in the heart of the space is a Portuguese marble basin that reminisces baptismal cleansing. Although extremely minimal and surrounded by clean whites, Claus Porto’s personality is drawn from its faceted diamond tiling, bearing a satisfying linear texture that exhibits their products with prismatic packaging.

Modern Lighting in Claus Porto

With an elongated ground floor space, a long trail of contemporary lighting serves as Claus Porto’s spine. Magnetically connected segments of the THIN Multiples Dyad elaborate the boutique shop with its linear silhouette. Its illumination is emitted from the brass fixture’s 1/2-inch diameter segments that rotate independently for direct and indirect lighting. Matching brass straps on each end unite the THIN Multiple Dyad’s design and allow for horizontal or vertical orientation.

THIN Multiples Dyad Details

THIN Multiples Dyads in Black Oxide (Left: Horizontal Orientation, Right: Vertical Orientation)

THIN Multiples Dyad Linear Light Fixture in Mordecai Chicago Bar

THIN Multiples Dyad in Satin Brass

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