3 Ways To Install Modern Lighting: the THIN Surface Mount

The THIN Surface Mount from our THIN Modular Lighting System is one of our most versatile fixtures as it can be installed using various standoff heights to suit any space. Upon choosing the correct standoff height, it can be a bathroom vanity, under-cabinet, or picture light. When you want to get creative, it can also go as far as being a dramatic installation, radiating decor, or illuminated wall art as seen below.


1. Modern Vanity Lighting

A vanity is a space for productive tasks that need ample lighting such as tweezing, applying makeup, or shaving. Often situated in bathrooms, our THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light is damp-rated, which makes it completely safe to install in high-humidity spaces. Users can customize their own functional setting with the slim brass tubing interconnected by magnetic snap-in connectors to harmonize with any mirror size. We recommend either the 45mm or 90mm standoff heights to cast a warm glow without any harshness.

THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light Connected Light Segments

Two Connected THIN Surface Mount Vanity Lights in Satin Brass

2. Efficient Under-Cabinet Lighting

To impose a place of safety when chopping ingredients and preparing food, installing under-cabinet lighting can be a critical addition to kitchen spaces. The THIN Surface Mount Display Light is compatible with dimmers that help create layered lighting. With its dimming capabilities, this wall-mounted light fixture can act as both task lighting and accent lighting to adjust to your preferred mood.


Three Connected THIN Surface Mount Display Lights in Satin Nickel

Elegant Satin Brass Under Cabinet Lighting

3. Linear Picture Lighting

Illuminating modern wall art without destroying its appearance from harsh lighting can be achieved using the THIN Surface Mount Picture Light. It is characterized by its 1/2-inch diameter light segment, our signature minimal design for all THIN System configurations, that avoids obstruction when highlighting a masterpiece. Because the THIN Surface Mount Picture Light is fully customizable, users have the freedom to opt for frosted or clear lens finishes to avoid glare and select a color temperature that brings out the best for any portrait. We recommend using a 7-inch standoff height to cast illumination up to the art’s center.

Juniper two connected segments picture light

Two Connected THIN Surface Mount Picture Lights in Satin Brass

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