5 Modern Decor Tips To Maximize Small Spaces

Downsizing your space can force you to squeeze your belongings in utilitarian organizing ideas and ruin your plans of decorating the space you’ve always dreamt of. To identify solutions, we’ve provided strategic modern decor tips for small spaces.

1. Get a Floor-length Mirror

Spaces with high ceilings and huge windows aren’t the only ones that can look elevated. You can trick anyone’s eyes using a tall mirror to make any space look larger than it is. A large mirror’s reflection can also magnify any tight space when situated correctly.


2. Opt for minimal multi-purpose furniture

One of our modern decor tips is never sacrificing function for design alone when there are multi-functional pieces. Look into beds with built-in storage or those that allow under-bed storage, flattering foldable desks, or storage ottomans & poufs that can easily be tucked under another piece of furniture when needed.


3. Reduce Clutter

Keeping a space clean and clutter-free makes a world of difference. It keeps the space free-flowing and your fung shui on-point. Removing knick-knacks and unnecessary objects from furniture will easily make your space appear larger.

Juniper THIN Floor Lamp Satin Nickel

THIN Floor Lamp in Satin Nickel

4. Build up, not out

Living in a small space should not scare you to divide it further to determine their functions. Modern shelving can imitate a room divider while remaining as added storage. Instead of overcrowding your things all over the place, we would recommend organizing vertically to reduce footprint. Consider walls to build storage up instead of across your floor plan. It will keep floors open and draw the eye upward instead.


5. Add Minimal Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of any space, whether it be a small or large space. We recommend exploring our THIN Modular Lighting System that encapsulates fixtures with 1/2-inch diameter segments. The THIN System’s rotatable segments are also known to customize a direct and indirect lighting experience. This cuts the need to layer fixtures for proper lighting while elevating your space.

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