Best of Year Awards 2018 Finalist: THIN Diamond Sconce

THIN Diamond Best of Year Awards 2018 Finalist

We are excited to announce that our design was selected as Interior Design Magazine‘s Best of Year Awards 2018 finalist! Our team would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who supported by voting for Juniper. Winners will be announced on November 30th. For the meantime, discover our design and how we achieved this dramatic installation.



Our Best of Year Awards 2018 finalist, the THIN Diamond Sconce, comes from our THIN Modular Lighting System, designed by Peter Bristol. Its 12 brass arrays are seamlessly interconnected using magnetic connectors on each end that snap into place. This design also uses diverse standoff heights to allow segments to overlap and add depth.


Since ICFF, the THIN Diamond Sconce stands as an icon that prompts individuals to transpose their design into a magnificent installation. It also serves as a creative lighting solution in residential, commercial, and hospitality space. Go beyond a diamond shape by taking advantage of the THIN Collection’s modular capabilities such as changing the color temperature and the lens finish to exude a hand-selected illumination.

Where to Find the THIN Diamond Sconce

Juniper is a manufacturer of lighting solutions based in New York. All our of products are proudly handmade to closely monitor our products’ quality and consistency. The THIN Diamond Sconce, our Best of Year Awards 2018 finalist, can be accomplished using our THIN Surface Mount. Please contact our sales team for questions on how we can customize this lighting design for large-scale projects or how we can help recreate this intricate installation.

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