FAQ: Are my Juniper Fixtures & Products Under Warranty?

THIN Surface Mount Satin Brass Standoff

In the rare occasion that your product does not operate as instructed, Juniper will be happy to provide warranty as long as it meets our regulations. Find out if your order is eligible for any free repair or replacement.


Eligible Orders

All of our signature and custom-made products are under warranty for a maximum period of one (1) year from delivery date to ensure that they are free from any defects in materials and workmanship. We warrant all of our other electrical components, which include LEDs, for five (5) years from delivery date. This, however, excludes all external transformers.


Warranty Period & Cost

During your order’s warranty period, Juniper will repair or replace your product, if applicable, once it is proven defective. Both of these options are free of charge as long as your product is still covered by its warranty. For defective orders that exceed the warranty period, please reach out to our sales team for a solution and to get a quote.


Ineligible Orders

While we would like to extend our warranty for all cases, unfortunately, we do not and cannot warrant the following: (1) exterior modification due to aging, exposure, or use of harsh chemicals; (2) proven product tampering or altering; (3) misuse, mistreatment, or neglect; (4) alterations that occur naturally in metal; and (5) damages originating from normal wear and tear.

Need More Help Regarding Your Fixtures?

Juniper is a lighting manufacturer in New York that assembles all of our fixtures and other products by hand to enforce quality control. We recommend that you inspect your goods upon receipt and contact our sales team immediately to avoid any issue. We ask that you refuse the order if you see that the packaging in which it came is already damaged. Should you contact Juniper after office hours, please be patient as our team will be in contact the following business day. We also strongly recommend that you take photos of your damaged product and its original packaging to note the damage. For our most up to date policies, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

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